E-Commerce Meets Community: Bevridge Bridges the Gap with sequel

When Bevridge wanted to build a community of people interested in learning about whiskey and other small-batch spirits, they knew events, both in-person and virtual, were going to play a huge part in their strategy. 

Bevridge brings together a community of spirits aficionados, distillers, and industry veterans through its specialty kits, digital video series, and weekly panel discussions. Their goal is simple: to create a one-stop shop for all things whiskey where community members can buy sample kits while learning about the distillation process. 

The team went on the hunt for a live-video product that would help increase website traffic, and ultimately sales of their whiskey tasting kits. Their search led them to sequel. Every week, Bevridge hosts a live-panel discussion directly on bevridge.co, that highlights a new angle in the whiskey industry. It brings together experts and whiskey enthusiasts to answer questions, share industry expertise, and spend time together as a community. It’s been wildly successful. 

Powering live events with sequel's technology

They wanted a tool that was not only easy for their hosts to access, join, and present without having to download a third-party app. They wanted the same for their attendees, too. The sequel's backstage function was exactly what they were looking for. 

As Events Director Jeff Mahoney produces each session, he’s tasked with ensuring each guest is comfortable with the tech before they join the stage. Sequel makes going from being backstage where last-minute sound checks are conducted to live on stage as easy as a click of a button. Literally, a click of a button. 

“We want to be the Netflix of whiskey,” says Bevridge Events Manager Jeff Mahoney. “In order to do that, we need to bring the distillery experience online. We didn’t just want videos on our website - one to many conversations don’t build community. Instead, we wanted to mix e-commerce with an educational library of whiskey content.”

“If we were going to be successful, we knew we needed interactive, live sessions where we could highlight a new topic every week and people could ask questions in real-time. Introvoke is the only product we found that allowed us to own the video journey on our own website. Because we’re hosting weekly live events directly on bevridge.co, we’re able to sell more tasting kits while also creating content that our audience finds valuable.” 

Live video makes the boutique distillery experience accessible to anyone, regardless of location

What’s next for Bevridge? Bringing the small distillery experience to the masses through live video. “We want to be synonymous with whiskey,” says Jeff. If someone has questions about what kind to buy, what distilleries to support, or how to make drinks, we want to be that resource. We can’t do that without a community, and in order to create that community, we need personal conversations through video.” 

Bevridge provides value to their community on many levels. Firstly, the company offers a curated experience of whiskey consumption. When the company was founded in 2021, there were 2,290 small batch distilleries in the United States. Secondly, the company offers educational content to help their customers be informed consumers. And finally, and most importantly, Bevridge is more than a source of quality spirits. It is a place where whiskey connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and the curious come to meet people who share their passion for good whiskey. 

Bevridge is riding the next wave of community - the decentralized communication between the brands and its consumers. The company gets to completely own its communication cycle, alongside its e-commerce offerings, from start to finish. And consumers get to enjoy the experience of finding everything they need on one platform.


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