Q3 2022 Feature Roundup

Reactions, Live Captioning, and More!

All good things must come to an end, even Q3! And while it's easy to get excited about what's in store for us, I'm also thrilled about what we shipped over the last few months - features like Live Reactions, Chat Reactions, and Captioning that give our users a best-in-class experience when hosting virtual events or webinars. So without further ado, here is a product rundown of Q3!

Chat & Live Reactions

Reactions provide the ability to react to an individual message (or speaker) with a specific emotion, quickly showing acknowledgment or expressing how you feel in a lightweight way.

  • Six emoji reactions to choose from
  • Ability to enable & disable in realtime
  • Integrated into analytics for deeper engagement analysis (coming soon 😉)

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is now available in order to increase the accessibility of your live events and webinars!

  • EN only (for now). We'll be offering transcription translation services in the near future 👍
  • Can be enabled at the event level
  • Once enabled, users will have the ability to toggle CC on/off
  • Available for all retail plans (Starter, Growth, and Business)

Media Playlist

The Media Playlist allows hosts to upload, organize, and queue multiple videos prior to an event.

  • Supports YouTube & Vimeo links (or any public direct link - MP4 ONLY)
  • Allows users to upload local files (MP4s ONLY, <=1GB)

SDK Beta Release

That's right, we've released our new SDK that gives access to pre-built audio, video, and chat components with complete customization and a user experience that takes years to build in-house. With our SDK, we reduce the amount of work required to use Sequel’s REST APIs, reducing the boilerplate code you have to write and allowing you to build a live video platform in minutes.

The SDK is a thin wrapper around our core Sequel components:

  • Company
  • Events
  • Networking
  • Customization
  • Usage

📝 Feel free to check out the documentation HERE if interested in the beta and drop us a line (support@sequel.io) if you have any questions

CRM Integrations

For those that are all about qualifying leads and pipeline attribution, please take advantage of our CRM integrations. Currently, we support Hubspot and Eloqua (+ SalesForce and Marketo in the near future).  

Engagement data includes:

  • Event Name
  • Event ID
  • Contact Registered (if applicable)
  • Contact Attended (if applicable)
  • View Time
  • Time Joined
  • Time Left
  • Total questions asked during an event
  • Total # of upvotes during an event

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