Eric Cuadra

Eric Cuadra

Eric Cuadra

Director of Customer Success


Stress-Free Webinars: Prerecord Your Content and Stream It Live

Hey friends! It's Eric here, and today I want to share a solution to a problem that we all have faced at some point - the stress of running live events. As someone who's been a part of countless webinars and live events, trust me when I say it can get pretty chaotic. Between assembling the right production team, ensuring that your speakers are prepped and ready, handling unexpected technical issues, and crossing fingers for steady bandwidth, there's just so much to keep an eye on. So, what if I told you that you can prerecord your content and play it like it's live? Sounds like a lifesaver, huh? Well, I'll be showing you how to do exactly that in today's workshop!

Introducing the Media Playlist Feature

A game changer for live events, the media playlist feature allows hosts to upload, organize, and queue up videos to stream during their event. So instead of stressing about coordinating everything in real-time, you can just focus on executing it flawlessly – almost like it's on autopilot. You can upload MP4 files (up to 1GB) or even use URLs from platforms like Vimeo and YouTube.

The Magic of Prerecorded Content

To get started with your prerecorded content, set up your event, upload your prerecorded content under the Media tab and hit play. The last step here, is to go live, and that's it! As your prerecorded content nears its end, it's time to bring your host back on-screen and stop the playback. Your host will now take up the full stage, and just like that, you've executed a seamless lag-free live event. By prerecording and prearranging your content, you're essentially minimizing the chances of any hiccups, giving you the confidence knowing that your viewers are enjoying a smooth experience. Moreover, this frees up your team to focus on interacting with the audience by launching polls, managing Q&A sessions, and engaging in the chat. So, are you ready to revolutionize the way you run your webinars and live events? Give it a go and experience a stress-free event management process with the help of great tools like Seque.io. Your future self will thank you!

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