Gage Verronneau

Gage Verronneau

Gage Verronneau

Customer Success Manager


Join Gage Verronneau, Customer Success Manager, for an in-depth view of Sequel.io's Admin Dashboard. Learn to manage aspects from analytics to registration, event creation to billing, all under one easy-to-navigate platform.

The focus of this training is creating and customizing virtual events. Users can leverage the platform's transcription option for live, close-captioning events and even link events to networking hubs, showcasing its versatility. Sequel AI enables automatic crafting of SEO-optimized blog posts and social media content based on user webinar events, making post-event reporting an efficient process.

Also covered were registration features including cross-event registration, third-party registration via platforms like Zapier and Hubspot, and even no-registration protocols for quick access. With its integrations with HubSpot, participant management and capacity to stream events to platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube via RTMP, Sequel.io has proven its robustness and compatibility.

With such wide-ranging features on offer, using your Admin Dashboard is easy and efficient, enabling the hosts to focus more on the quality of their events and less on the technical side.