Attendee Survival Guide

If you're having trouble connecting to your webinar, don't stress!

Let's cover some of the basic troubleshooting tools you can do right here in your browser. First we'll simply try refreshing the page. You can do that by clicking here in the browser window. This may look a little different for you if you're on a Mac vs PC or using a different browser. Keep in mind we do recommend using the latest version of Chrome.

It's surprising how many issues can be fixed just by refreshing the page but if that's not working for you let's move over to the compatibility checker. You'll find this in the Chat+ section of the embed on your website. Once launched the Compatibility checker will check for...compatibility. If you're running into network issues or browser issues, the checker will usually pick that up. After the checker is complete follow any recommendations you received. In this example the Checker is telling me that I'm using an incompatible browser if I'm joining the Stage.

If you're not able to see the compatibility checker at all it's likely that you're running into a Firewall or VPN related issue. Generally these issues only come up for presenters, not for attendees. If you're able to disconnect from your company VPN or join the event from another device. If you're joining from the office the odds are good that your company firewall is the issue and you'll need to reach out your IT department for access.

If you've run through these troubleshooting steps then hopefully you've skipped this part of the video and are off watching a fantastic webinar. If you're still running into issues, reach out to us at and we'll do everything we can to get you up and running.

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