Use Sequel registration and polling data to qualify leads in HubSpot

Webinars are an incredible tool for educating and building relationships with potential customers. But how do you make sure the customers you're educating are the customers you want? Today we're going to look at using Sequels registration tools and polling data to automatically qualify leads in Hubspot.

First, we'll want to make sure the HubSpot integration is turned on. You can do this inside your Sequel dashboard under the Integrations tab.

Next let's build our webinar event. Let's spend a little extra time on the Access tab. This is where we can build out registration questions that we'll later use to qualify leads. Sequel already requires fields for Full Name and e-mail address but you can add any number of registration questions and mark them as required or optional.

While it can be tempting to add every question on our checklist to the registration form, it's important to not overwhelm your site visitor. We recommend 3-5 strong questions. The questions you ask will be specific to your use case. At Sequel we might ask

  • What is your job title? to help identify decision makers
  • Are you currently running webinars? to determine if more education is necessary
  • Are you, primarily, in the B2B or B2C? to check a lead against our ICP

Once you've built the event it's time to create some poll questions so we can use that data to qualify leads. Join the event using a host email address on your website. If you haven't embedded your webinar yet, we recommend doing that now. Once you're signed in as a host click on the polling tab in the Chat+ module. Add in as many poll questions as you'd like, making sure to check "Queue poll to be opened later". During your webinar you'll be able to launch the poll by clicking the "Open Poll" button.

Now we can move over to HubSpot and start using all this data! First we're going to create an Active, Contact Based list. Next we'll add a filter and choose Activity Properties under Associated CRM Activities. Select Note body, under Note. We'll select "contains any of" for this example. In the value field we'll add the name of the webinar. You can also use the Event ID if you plan on using the same name for multiple events.

We now have an Active List that will show us everyone who registered our webinar. This is great, but we want a little more than that. Let's add another filter to this list, using the same steps, but this time let's filter based on one of our registration questions. Let's use our B2B/B2C example. Everyone who registered should have answered with either B2B or B2C. We'll add the following to the value section "A: B2B". Now our list will show us everyone who registered for our webinar and works primarily in the B2B market and we can use this list for our next outreach campaign! If you're qualifying based on poll answers you'll do the same steps but the value section would be "Answer: 'poll answer'".

The benefit of using an Active List is that Hubspot will automatically update it over time. This means you're still collecting and qualifying leads even after you've set your event to On Demand viewing. Now you're all set to use Sequel and Hubspot to make your webinar events even more powerful.

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