Integrating Sequel with your CRM so that only attendees that pre-register can see your content

Whether you're hosting a virtual event or a hybrid one, it's important to make sure that only people who registered can watch your content so you can capture their information in your CRM! In this example, we're going to take a look at how you can use a registration form created in your own CRM to not only gather registration information but have it serve as a requirement for viewers to watch the content.

First, you'll want to make sure that your current CRM is integrated with Sequel. If you're not sure, check your account settings or reach out to us at Sequel support and we'll be happy to help. Now we'll go ahead and create a registration form in your CRM. Creating this in your own CRM will allow you to categorize visitors and target them with campaigns based on what they watched, or what they asked in Chat or Q&A later on.

Next, you'll go ahead and create your event in Once your event details are complete, make sure you set your Access settings to Enable Registration Outside Of Application. Don't forget to add your registration URL! This is the URL of the webpage you'll embed your Virtual Stage on and is where your attendees will go after they click the button in their confirmation email. Now that your event has been created, you can fully customize it to match the branding of your webpage.

Finally, you'll want to create two subpages from within your webpage - the first is where your registration form will live. The second is where your Virtual Stage will live. While you'll want to immediately promote the page where your registration form will live, it's OK if your Virtual Stage sees some traffic as well, because anyone who hasn't clicked on the confirmation email that tries to view the embedded Virtual Stage will see a message directing them to sign in or contact the event host.

For those looking for a more technical experience, have your web developer place the registration on the same page where the Sequel Virtual Stage is embedded. Once the registration is complete, display a message saying to check your email. Once it is opened, the attendee should be able to refresh and see the Virtual Stage.

Don't have a webpage yet? works with any site builder that can support embeds, so anyone can get an event up and running in a matter of minutes.

Now that you've put all the pieces together, the last thing to do is start promoting your event. If you're not sure how to get started or just need a little promotional push, check out or Partners page to see a list of trusted partners whose skills range from production to promotion.

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