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Sequel AI is making marketing teams insanely efficient

"We've done events in the past, like our Reach conference. It takes a day or two just to get on our website & takes a week to write the summary blog. So itā€™s really exciting that Sequel AI can do that in realtime."
Godard Abel
Founder & CEO @ G2
"Sequel AI is a game-changer! Previously I was trawling through 2-hour video calls, that's about 72 pages of transcription. With Sequel AI, I've got a piece of content summarizing the session ready in minutes."
Steve Hayton
Content Strategist @ Morrow

Marketers love Sequel AI

"Super cool idea. Best application of AI to events that Iā€™ve heard to date."
Lawrence Coburn
CEO / Co-Founder @ Twine
"Incredible! Huge boost for B2B marketers by creating a long tail lead component via SEO for webinars. Super smart and innovative."
Alex Gurevich
Managing Director @ Javelin Venture Partners
"This is going to change everything!"
Adrienne Barnes
Founder @ Growth Insights