12 Best Video Marketing Tools Marketers Need

Research shows that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Consider it as a glimpse into the future of video marketing. In this guide, we list our top picks for the best video marketing tools.

In this increasingly technology-intensive world, marketers can't chart a path to success without video marketing. Even research shows that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Consider it as a glimpse into the future of video marketing.

Videos are no longer a way to demonstrate products and services. Instead, they educate, inform, influence, and inspire viewers. They add value and bring engagement into the otherwise mundane world of digital transformation. 

That's why the best video marketing tools are a prerequisite for mobilizing the skills and competencies of marketers. Moreover, capitalizing on a mature set of tools can help marketers transform their industries.

In this guide, we list our top picks for the best video marketing tools. We ensure that each of these tools will earn its forever spot in your marketing tech stack.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is using videos to promote a brand, product, or service while delivering value. The primary aim of video marketing is to reach target audiences and increase viewer engagement

The right adoption of video marketing translates to business success with benefits like better organic reach, increased website traffic, more e-mail sign-ups, improved social conversations, and an overall boost in sales and conversions.

Here's a fantastic example of video marketing done right:


This Apple video is on-brand, engaging, and was streamed live to connect with the followers in real-time. This is what video marketing aims to give to brands and marketers – conscious, concentrated engagement from the most loyal fans for organic conversions.  

Best Video Marketing Tools

  1. Sequel


Live streaming is a terrific way to engage an audience. But marketers don't need to rely on third-party sites to drive live, pre-recorded, or hybrid sessions — they just need Sequel. The platform supports up to 2 million concurrent viewers, delivers high-quality 4K video, and has a vast suite of engagement features.

With Sequel, marketers can easily create and embed engaging virtual and hybrid events on websites. This means better on-brand experiences, fostering a close-knit community, and driving high-value actions have become a reality. 

The perfect Zoom alternative, Sequel's embeddable live videos are also powered up with a networking hub that facilitates meaningful live conversations, Q&A, and polls – combating Zoom fatigue like never before. You also get analytics that helps design better future events with deep insights about real-time audience engagement. 

  1. Wistia

 Every brand needs to create videos (yes, they all do!) So, if you're a marketer, you can use Wistia to make and host videos. Wistia offers a customizable player with basic integrations. Embedding and sharing are easy, and you can also access video analytics.

Many users also rely on Wistia just for its video editing capabilities. Whatever your pick is, if you're serious about attaining your video marketing goals with easy-to-use video creation and hosting tool, this could be the one.

  1. Wirecast

Wirecast offers several excellent features if you are looking for one of the best video marketing tools for simulcasting. Apart from live production, it also provides the ability to capture feeds from multiple sources microphones, cameras, webcams, etc. Plus, it offers desktop, NDI, and web capture too. On the flip side, a maximum of 7 guests can join a live stream hosted on Wirecast.

  1. Vidyard

Vidyard is a surprisingly great tool for beginners on a shoestring budget. Marketers can even get started with the free plan to enjoy up to 25 videos, video editing, and sharing capabilities. 

This video creation, hosting, and analytics tool also offers video optimization and management, making it one of the best video marketing tools. There's also a free screen recorder for hassle-free screen capture.

  1. Animoto

Creating quick videos is an advisable thing to do, and Animoto helps you with that. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface assists marketers in saving time, effort, and resources while running successful video marketing campaigns.

Animoto is uniquely impressive as it compresses several features into a minimal interface. As a result, you discover various capabilities as you navigate the software – from a photo video maker to an online video editor and video commenting tool. Though it has limitations like the lack of live streaming capability, Animoto is a good app for creating professional looking videos-on-demand without any technical knowledge.

  1. Filmora

Filmora is another video editing tool that has been a hit amongst marketers. 

While its clean and simple UI makes video editing a breeze, users can benefit from advanced features like motion tracking, masking, speed ramping, etc. and create highly interactive videos.

  1. Shakr

Imagine a tool that creates personalized at-scale campaigns to help you reach different audiences at their exact points in the sales cycle. That's what Shakr offers. 

You can turn your creatives into programmable video templates using Shakr. And it also lets you scale production through data. There's also a drag-and-drop video editing experience, making it a decent enough tool for video editing. 

But, when it comes to hosting full-fledged live and hybrid events, you won't enjoy as many features as you'll get in Sequel.

  1. Magisto

Anyone familiar with Magisto and its super simple user interface understands what they're getting into – particularly regarding video creation. The software turns images and raw footage into stunning videos. In addition, you can add titles, audio, and much more with its AI-assisted tech.

Moreover, it supports cross-channel marketing, cloud storage, and even Google Analytics sync to add greater power to your video marketing creatives.

  1. Canva

You'll hardly see a free online video editor app like Canva. This excellent platform comes with many advanced features that make video creation, editing, and collaboration as frustration-free as possible.

Marketers take note; Canva can even render static designs as GIFs and videos. And yes, there are thousands of awesomely crafted free video templates that can be customized in a couple of minutes. Furthermore, unlike most video creation apps on the list, Canva lets you directly record yourself and your screen using its online video recorder and edit the recording on the spot.

  1. Show


In the market for one of the best video marketing tools that's all about Video First Marketing (VFM)? If a wide range of products won't overwhelm you, Show may be the best tool for you. 

This next-gen Video First Marketing (VFM) platform offers video hosting, e-mail marketing, optimization, prospecting, CMS, and analytics. With a robust video infrastructure and built-in CRM, this modern-looking tool enables marketers to reach their target audience using different forms of video-based communication. The result? Increased funnel conversions, customer engagement, and sales.

  1. Sendspark

Sendspark's claim to fame is – the easiest way to record and request customer videos. And we are in awe of how easily the platform lets you experience it. Using Sendspark, you can record both your screen and camera to send personalized videos in e-mail and LinkedIn messages. 

You can add personalization and branding to make your e-mails more immersive and improve the e-mail open rate. So, if you want to stand out in your customers' inboxes with video marketing, take Sendspark for a spin.

  1. StoryTap

One of the keys to successful video marketing is to generate trust. And what better way to develop trust than including users' stories in your videos? StoryTap lets you do that. This patented data-driven video platform enables marketers to create videos that feature real customers and staff.

The way it works is that you get to add a video to your website by embedding it to avoid slowing down the site load speed. The videos are also optimized for search, so improving search engine rankings and driving website traffic becomes easier.

Ready to Use Some of the Best Video Marketing Tools?

Brand and marketers know that videos are a winning element of any content strategy today. But there's no one-size-fits-all approach to video marketing. Instead, your business goals, budget, and resources determine your video marketing objectives and the tools you'd want to use to achieve them.

Use one or more of these best video marketing tools to produce highly engaging videos, develop brand trust, and positively impact your bottom line. 

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