The modern
webinar platform
built for growth

Run webinars and live events directly on your website for an integrated customer journey and to drive high-value actions that turn into revenue.

B2B Marketers Love Sequel

Why would you run your webinars on a separate platform, and build traffic for another brand?

Engage your audience on your own website and get better results.

Conversion to Revenue

Convert registrations into revenue by collecting granular engagement data and identifying which (accounts) have the highest chance of becoming a customer.

3x more demos
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Drive Website Traffic

Create an engaging content library directly on your website to organically attract your audience while boosting your SEO rankings with keyword optimized blog articles and video content.

1900+ hours of new website traffic
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Repurpose Content

Create content at scale without the added effort. Automatically generate blog articles, social posts, transcripts, & video recordings after every event using Sequel AI to elevate your SEO with custom keywords & tone.

1.1k video hours repurposed
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Consolidation of Tools

Reduce the cost & effort associated with a distributed tech stack. Integrate with your favorite tools & consolidate the ones adding complexity to your marketing processes.

Sequel replaces these tools:

“This easy-to-use experience along with keeping the webinars on our own site for increased traffic and conversion was exactly what we were looking for as we launched our new growth strategies!”
Nabiha Balala
Sr. Marketing Campaign Manager
" allows us to create a unique customer experience via live streaming that our competition cannot offer. This really sets us apart and allows us to introduce new products in a very different way."
Tom Wittenberg
Large Format Industry Relations & Events
“Since we implemented the embedded webinar experience on Sequel this year I say the number of direct demo booking requests went up three times compared to our previous solution, and it was just in five months.”
Lusine Sargsyan
Demand Generation Manager

Activate the entire journey directly on your website


Capture registrations and presonalized data of your attendees right on your own website.
Customized questions
Branded registration emails
Integration with third-party forms
Automatic calendar placeholder
Pre-Session Engagement with Polls


In a decentralized world, engage and build your audience live right where they should be, in your branded universe.
High Quality Branded Experience
Reactions, Polls, Q&A and Gamification
Production Studio to mix types of content
Presenter Management with smooth flow
Simulive environments with enhanced moderation


Instantly make the live sessions available for on demand on the same page to enable your audience to explore more content. No more downloads, uploads and other manual work.

Keep collecting leads and educating your audience long after the live event has finished.
Instant On-Demand Replay
Gated Content for Lead Capturing
Media Hub for content management, edit and repurposing


Use behavioral data to convert the high intent leads and track their journey within the entire website.

Your entire audience spends hours in front of all your content and your CTA, driving significant conversion to pipeline and revenue.
User level intent data for sales activation
Website customer journey tracking

Want to know how Sequel would look on your website?

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Engagement data that uncovers buyer intent signals

Tap into the most advanced reporting that tracks intent and converts it into revenue. You can now merge your website tracking with webinars and live events engagement to know who are your most engaged leads and the content that resonates
Individual engagement levels with lead scoring
Aggregated insights for live & on-demand content
Customer journey on the website before & after the sessions
Native integration with CRM & Marketing Automation tools with custom mapping

Repurpose at AI Speed

Turn your webinars & live events into engaging evergreen content in seconds. Sequel AI gives you more power over your content by instantly generating on brand SEO blog articles, social posts, & transcripts from all your video content and housing it in your personalized media hub.

One solution to power them all


Beautiful webinars with the highest audience engagement. Host demos, info sessions, or live panels to encourage your audience to take action on your own marketing website.


Bring brand loyalists and other like-minded people together with exclusive content where they should be, on your own website. Turn your platform into a growing community hub.


Host large-scale conferences and expos, complete with flexible networking, to elevate the attendee engagement. Easily create a unique experience that shows off your brand's identity.


Launch your new product line or announce exclusive drops, all while letting your attendees shop your store.

Customer Engagement

Host onboarding sessions, sales kick-offs, networking sessions, and other live or on-demand engagement initiatives directly on your website.

Virtual Platform

Use Sequel's robust APIs and highly scalable solution to easily build your own live engagement platform.