Host Live Events on Your Website

Run Webinars, virtual events, and networking sessions on your own website. Engage your audience on your own brand property and make your website the center of your community.

Live marketing. Solved.

No matter if you’re planning a webinar series, a networking event, a live demo, or a conference with thousands of attendees – It's easy with


Beautiful webinars with the highest audience engagement. Host demos, info sessions, or live panels to encourage your audience to take action on your own marketing website.



Host large-scale conferences and expos, complete with flexible networking, to elevate the attendee engagement. Easily create a unique experience that shows off your brand's identity.



Bring brand loyalists and other like-minded people together with exclusive content where they should be, on your own website. Turn your platform into a growing community hub.



Launch your new product line or announce exclusive drops, all while letting your attendees shop your store. 


Customer Engagement

Host onboarding sessions, sales kick-offs, networking sessions, and other live or on-demand engagement initiatives directly on your website.  


Virtual platforms

Use Sequel's robust APIs and highly scalable solution to easily build your own live engagement platform.


Embed Your events Anywhere without writing a single line of code

Whether you use a website builder, an event management platform, or have an existing site, you can easily embed Sequel live stages on the web to build a custom experience.

It’s as easy as embedding a video player, but with so many more features. Copy. Paste. Go Live. It’s that easy.

Interested in a more sophisticated integration? Explore the API Docs.

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Networking Done Right

Recreate the serendipity of in-person events in video-on networking circles, one-on-one chats or small-group discussions. Embed a hub independently to create a lounge or an expo, or link one to the beginning or end of a live session for mingling.

Powering companies of all sizes

"SEO shot through the roof because everyone was on our website. Simon's Heart raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars to our mission. Guests are still talking about their experience a month after the event itself."

Jennifer Parrado

Executive Director

"This virtual community capability will have huge impact for Comcast in serendipitously connecting attendees long past COVID."

Steve Deluca

VP, Information Technology

"Sequel allowed us to create a place for our community to share their experiences and collaborate with each other.  This will give us the chance to inspire more meaningful connections among gamers and support an engaging environment for all."

Liz Murphy

CMO, Ritual Motion

"Sequel allowed us to do so much more than other platforms at a fraction of the cost, all while retaining our SEO and branding. Phenomenal experience."

Robert Nathan Allen

Executive Director

"I was pleased to see how much more sophisticated and beautiful my event was with Sequel compared to Zoom. Sequel gave us the space for our guests to mingle on their own accord. This was game changing."

Marita McGinn

Program Manager

Mix, match and link

Embed powerful pre-built components individually, or link them together, to easily create your own experience.

Virtual & Hybrid Stage

Host world-class live, pre-recorded, or hybrid sessions with ease for up to 2 million attendees. Engage with your audience like never before with reactions, Q&A, live polls and so much more.

Networking Hub

Recreate the serendipity of in-person events in pre-configured networking circles, one-on-one chats or small-group discussions. Embed a hub independently, or link one to the beginning or end of a live session.

Right where your audience is, on your own website.

Your website is the most valuable piece of digital real estate your organization has. Sequel helps you transform that very site into a hub of engaging, live experiences to take full advantage of your captive audience.

Embed Sequel and make it your own

Book a demo, take the modules out for a spin, and host your first live sessions free. We know you’ll love it.

Designed for everyone

Turn live video into a powerful marketing tool

You already spend a considerable amount bringing traffic to your site. Now, you can turn it into a hub of live experiences to drive actions that are important to your business – like sign-ups, subscriptions, purchases, and so much more.

"SEO shot through the roof because everyone was on our website. Simon's Heart raised nearly $250K toward our mission. Guests are still talking about their experience a month after the event itself."

Jennifer Parrado
Executive Director, Simon's Heart
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Hosts live events that your audience will talk about for months.

Build a beautiful, customized event journey for your attendees. Use the Virtual Stage for lively keynotes and panel discussions, and engage your entire audience, not just your hosts and presenters, in Sequel's Networking Hub.

“Incredible feedback from participants, and the engagement was higher than any other virtual event I've seen. The technology is brilliant and can be used in so many ways. I love that it was easy to embed and that it drove traffic directly to our site."

Beth Lawrence
Director of Programs, Philly Startup Leaders
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Impress your clients with beautiful, customized live experiences.

Create new revenue streams and build fully customizable events within your clients’ branded ecosystems. No need to rely on third party platforms like Zoom – instead, embed Sequel live event modules directly into your site builds.

“Sequel allows me to create an awesome, branded experience for each of my clients. In the age of COVID, these modules have been absolute gamechangers.”

Sophie Moore
Head of Design, Brilliance Agency
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Powerful and easy-to-use APIs

Our video experts spent years building scalable live video modules so that you don’t have to – add beautiful and engaging live stages and networking hubs paired with dynamic chats to build any type of virtual or hybrid platform quickly and easily. We are your partner for the journey.

"Sequel's APIs gave us tremendous levels of flexibility and customizability over our integration, which is something that we could not find in any other solutions. Their team is always willing to work with us on creative solutions for our unique use cases – It feels like a truly collaborative partnership in that way."

Kevan Mann
Head of Product, RallyUp
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Features that make a difference

Transition between Virtual Stages and Networking Hubs

Switch dynamically between different formats to create a captivating experience

Mix Pre-Recorded with Live Content

Cast fully pre-recorded segments, live presenters, or a mix of the two.

Green Room & Onstage Chat

Review your run-of-show with presenters before going live, and chat discreetly when your session is live.

Raise Hand and Bring Attendees to Stage

Add some flair to your live discussions by bringing audience members to the stage.

Unlimited Circles in Networking Hub

Create dynamic networking events, and allow attendees to break out into an unlimited number of small, intimate discussions.

Ad-hoc Circles for Natural Movement

Let attendees create their own small group discussions or even meet one-on-one as a part of a larger networking event.

Dynamic Chat with Polls & Q&A

Keep your audience engaged with our full suite of features like live polls and Q&A.

Stream to Social Channels

Event organizers can output to your streaming service of choice, such as YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter Live.

Instant On-Demand Replay & Editing

Turn your live sessions into customizable on-demand replays.

Pre-Registration & Access Mode

Pre-register your attendees weeks or even months before your event.

Free Live Support 24/7
Training & Onboarding
99.9% uptime the last 12 months

Virtual, hybrid and everything in between

Your website can be turned into a virtual or a hybrid stage in a matter of minutes, empowering you to embrace the changing times—stress-free.

  • Sequel Streamer App live streams in-person events.
  • Hybrid engagement features to bridge the gap between in-person and virtual attendees
  • Allow presenters to join on-site or from home

Crystal Clear Video Quality up to 4K

Our best-in-class video makes you feel as if you're there. Full HD comes standard, with upgrades to 4K for studio-quality productions.

  • Zero latency across all live event modules
  • Full-HD standard
  • Share pre-recorded video content natively onstage with zero quality loss
  • RTMP, SRT & other studio production tools
Dive deep with data

Minute by Minute

Get deep insights about your audience with real-time engagement data, and connect to 2,000+ integration partners to enhance your marketing efforts on an individual level.

  • Live engagement stats
  • Live & On Demand Watch Rates
  • Leaderboard
  • Individualized user journey tracking 
  • Connect to 3,000+ CRMs and other tools with Zapier

A safe space for you and your audience

With Soc2 certification and enterprise grade security, we’ve got your bases covered—whether you have 100 or 2 million participants—with individualized permissions,  intranet integrations, and live stream encryption.

  • Take advantage of existing security within your own domain
  • Individual Permissions + Roles
  • Sequel is SoC2 compliant
  • Enterprise SSO & Intranet Integration
Read more about our security

"The virtual stages and networking components worked flawlessly, and I’m still getting emails from investors raving about how engaging the experience was!"

KJ Singh
Managing Director, Techstars

Embed Sequel and make it your own

Book a demo, take the modules out for a spin, and host your first live sessions free. We know you’ll love it.