“Sequel has been really awesome because trying to create content is a very time-consuming process. Whereas Sequel solves it for you. It allows you to streamline the entire process so quickly and really make it repeatable.”
Michael Cole
SVP of Marketing
“Sequel helps you to save time by automatically generating marketing content after the event has ended. And you can easily save some money by not paying expensive freelancers and just letting Sequel generate the content.”
Lusine Sargsyan
Demand Generation Manager

Harness the Power of Your Content

Manage media and content from one centralized location making it easier than ever to focus on engaging and educating your audience, seamlessly.

Streamline Video Editing

Avoid the hassle of downloading, editing, and re-uploading your video assets. Sequel's Media Hub now includes a full editing suite - trimming, sequencing, and adding effects to create engaging experiences every time.

Simulate live event experiences

Streamline your event process and tailor the audience experience to a "T" by automating and scheduling your "live" events. Don't worry, they won't look pre-recorded.

Track audience engagement with your content

Understand how your content resonates with your audience by tracking engagement at every touch point and converting intent into revenue.

Get more out of your content at AI Speed

Turn your webinars & live events into engaging evergreen content in seconds. Sequel AI gives you more power over your content by instantly generating on brand video snippets, SEO blog articles, social posts, & transcripts from all your video content and housing it in your personalized media hub.
“Sequel is a game-changer! Previously I was trawling through hours of videos – that’s about 72 pages of transcription. With Sequel, I have content from the session ready in minutes right after the webinar ends.”
Steve Hayton
Content Strategist
“Sequel offers a lot more flexibility for us and that's what I enjoy about it. We'll turn our webinars into clips and we use that to create LinkedIn content and copy.”
Alex Mann
Head of Marketing & Growth

Harness the Power of Your Content

Bring all your videos into the Media Hub to instantly repurpose them into snackable videos and blog content. See who's engaging with your content and convert intent to revenue.

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