Why HubSpot users choose Sequel.io

HubSpot marketers know the value of creating high-quality leads that convert into revenue. That's why they choose Sequel.io as their webinar tool. Sequel.io empowers HubSpot marketers to supercharge every piece of their webinar strategy.

👉 You can use HubSpot forms to register attendees for your webinars and gain insights into your outreach campaigns.

👉 Seamlessly integrate Sequel.io directly into your HubSpot website for a flawless user experience.

👉 Enjoy all your attendee interactions including time spent watching, questions asked, and polls answered automatically synced with HubSpot.

👉 Take advantage of this data to trigger workflows and create dynamic lists based on attendee actions.

👉 Streamline the process of building a resource library by effortlessly publishing Replays.

👉 Simplify lead assignment by automatically directing leads in HubSpot to your sales team based on their webinar attendance status.  

👉 Curious how much revenue your webinars generated? How about whether leads from webinars have higher conversion rates? With Sequel.io, you can conveniently generate detailed reports within HubSpot to address these inquiries and track the success of your webinars effectively.

Register Users with HubSpot Forms

HubSpot Forms give you an easy way to collect information about leads and keep all your data in one place. This also makes campaign tracking and lead attribution fantastically easy. Sequel.io does offer its own registration out of the box (that you can map to HubSpot 👀 ) but if your team has been a solid flow in HubSpot, why mess with it?

That's why Sequel.io allows you to connect a HubSpot Form to automatically register users to events. Once users are registered you can take advantage of Sequel.io's automatic reminder emails or control the conversation in HubSpot. After the event, we'll pass all the data back to the Contact so you can make data-driven decisions on who's qualified and what the next steps should be.

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Embed on your HubSpot site

You probably love your website. You've spent a lot of time tuning it into a conversion machine geared at your ideal prospects. Sequel.io enables you to combine the huge revenue potential of webinars with the conversion power of your own website. This is true wherever you've built your website, but for HubSpot users it's incredibly simple to get started!

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Pass Analytics to HubSpot

Sequel.io's HubSpot integration allows you to track all your webinar activity in HubSpot, automatically. This includes creating new leads, updating existing contacts, triggering workflows, custom list enrollment, and more. The special thing about this integration is the ability to track actions your attendees take. Want to know how long they attended your event? What questions did they ask? You can even push leads into separate workflows based on how they answer poll questions during your live session!

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Assign Quality Leads to the Sales Team

Webinars help build demand for your company, creating engaging high high-valued leads. But leads don't become revenue on their own. This is where Sales come into th picture. Using HubSpot workflows you can assign high-quality leads to your Sales team automatically so they can convert with speed! Sequel.io's Integration Activities let you customize what actions drive attendees to Sales so your team is always focusing on the most engaged and the highest value prospects.

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Track Webinar Impact in HubSpot

Now you have a good idea of how Sequel.io and HubSpot work together to create a revenue-generating machine. But how do you track the impact of your webinars? Using Sequel.io's integration, you can see all the accounts that have been touched by your webinars. Combine this with the Deal tracking you're already doing in HubSpot and you can accurately track how much your webinars are moving the needle. We have some examples for you to get started as well.

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For all these reasons, marketers who utilize HubSpot now have an even greater edge with Sequel.io. By integrating this powerful webinar tool, you can enhance your marketing strategy and drive revenue growth more efficiently than ever before. So why wait? Embrace the full potential of your marketing efforts with HubSpot and Sequel.io, and watch as your webinars transform into a significant source of business growth and customer engagement.

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