Sequel Integrations

Easily integrate Sequel with your tech stack, including popular CRM systems, marketing automation software, registration apps, and more.

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Simplified CMS integrations

Seamlessly integrate your events into your CMS with just 1-click, eliminating the need for manual embed code copy and pasting.

Easy Setup

Forget any manual setup or human error. Once integrated, all event data will automatically be synced to the right compaign saving you time and money.

Structured Data

Create dynamic lists, score leads, and trigger workflows using structured event data such as Event Name, Contact Name, View Time, Engagement Data (Polls, Chat, Q&A), Lead Scores, and more!

Pipeline Confidence

Identifing quality leads is now simpler with Sequel Lead Scores. We'll provide both event and company-level lead scores, based on engagement and view time to eliminate the hassle of over analyzing data.

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