Webflow 1-click CMS

Automatically sync your Sequel events to your Webflow website
Setup guide

Sequel.io provides an effortless integration with your Webflow CMS, enabling events created in Sequel to be automatically showcased on your website. This integration facilitates a one-time setup process, after which your marketing team can efficiently manage webinars and on-demand content directly from Sequel, ensuring that everything is published on your main marketing website. This maintains the consistency of your branding and call-to-actions, streamlining your content management process and enhancing your online presence.

Automatic inputting of CMS values in WebFlow

Once the integration is ready, any events created in Sequel will generate a CMS entry in Webflow with the correct name, description, date, timezone and Sequel embed code

Automatic inputting of registration URL in Sequel

Once a CMS is created in Webflow, our integration will automatically update the registration URL of the Sequel event with the newly created event in Webflow. This ensures all your registrations will point to your website immediately after creation.  

Configuring Publishing Status

With this integration, you have the flexibility to choose whether you want the events to be published on your website immediately or keep them in draft mode until you approve the CMS entry. This allows your design team to maintain the desired look and feel of your website while you can focus on creating and running webinars effortlessly.