"Our demo bookings went up by 3x after switching to Sequel"

Lusine Sargsyan
Demand Generation Manager @ Userpilot

Tired of running old-school Zoom webinars? Drive traffic, conversions, & high-value actions directly on your website by switching to Sequel ‚Äď the modern webinar platform built specifically for marketers.

The Sequel Advantage:

Centralized, Streamlined, and Integrated

The traditional approach to webinars often involves a disjointed mix of tools and platforms. This not only disrupts the user experience but also dilutes the brand's impact by scattering the audience across various platforms such as Zoom for live sessions and Wistia for on-demand content. revolutionizes this process by enabling the entire webinar workflow - from registration, live interaction, to on-demand access - to be hosted directly on your website. This centralization ensures a consistent and immersive brand experience, keeping your audience engaged on your own digital turf.

Why would you run webinars on Zoom and build value for their brand?

Engage your audience on your website and get better results

More Traffic
Host events directly on your website to organically attract your audience and improve your SEO rankings with keyword-optimized blogs and videos.

1900+ hours of new website traffic

More Pipeline
Use first-party data to segment users, gain valuable insights throughout the entire customer journey, and build more robust pipeline.

$1.2M in new pipline

More Revenue
Convert registrations into revenue by collecting granular,  engagement data and identifying which accounts have the highest chance of becoming a customer.

3x more demos

Begin your free migration + enjoy 10% off any package

Switch from Zoom today and we'll migrate your content for free.

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Why do people prefer Sequel over Zoom?

Zoom hasn't evolved

Zoom is a trusted meeting platform but it isn't built specifically for marketers that leverage webinars as a demand gen channel. This results in lower reach and attendance unless you purchase additional tools to extend it's capabilities.

Sequel is a modern, demand gen tool

Sequel is more than a webinar platform. We are committed to marketers who want to maximize the ROI from their webinar strategy, increase website traffic, boost SEO, effortlessly repurpose content, and more.

Limited customization options

With Zoom, you may need to settle for a more generic look and feel that doesn't truly reflect your unique brand. With Zoom registration pages, you're limited to basic customization features such as company logos, wallpaper, and virtual backgrounds

Webinars that fully embody your brand

Sequel enables you to have seamless brand experiences with complete customization control including themes, fonts, and all UI elements ‚Äď all made possible by our webinar embed technology.

Disjointed registration

While Zoom does offer CRM integrations, the only way you can utilize a 3rd party registration form is by leveraging APIs or by manually uploading your registration list to Zoom forcing registrants to go through multiple steps and landing pages.

Registration how you want it

At Sequel, we know that one size doesn't fit all. We offer seamless integrations with all major CRMs which gives you endless flexibility in terms of handling webinar registration and custom workflows.

AI built for the future of work

Zoom's AI assistant is built with team productivity in mind. It's best used for drafting emails, chat messages, summarizing meetings, and more.

AI built for the modern marketer

Sequel AI is specifically built for marketers who want to create content at scale without the added cost & effort. Generate blogs, social posts, and video transcripts within seconds after every webinar.

Zoom embeds are complicated

Embedding Zoom into your website requires technical expertise as they only provide an SDK that offers limited functionality - less features, less resolution, and not mobile friendly.

No-code website embeds

Sequel offers the most efficient event creation process with a single pre-written embed code or CMS integration for instant publishing.

Attribution will become a hassle

The upcoming deprecation of UTM codes and cookies will significantly impact your ability to track leads from Zoom and other third-party platforms. As a marketer, this is data you can't afford to lose.

Attribution built to last

Sequel isn't impacted by the depreciation of cookies and UTMs since the tool is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into your owned channels.
Everything you need to know about Sequel
If you still have questions, find a time to chat with us and we'd be happy to help.

What is Sequel?

Sequel is an embeddable webinar solution that allows you to run webinars and virtual events directly on your website.

How do I embed a Sequel event?

Sequel offers a hassle-free event creation process. Simply copy and paste a single embed code into your CMS and you're good to go.

What types of webinars does Sequel support?

Sequel offers multiple webinar formats including Live, On-demand, and Simulive (simulated live). Soon, we'll be supporting "Session Events" if you're planning larger-scale engagements with parallel sessions.

Is Sequel an affordable webinar solution for small and mid-sized businesses?

Yes! We offer plans for all business types and can support up to 2 million users per session. Chat with us to see what plan is suited best for you.

What kind of data can I collect from webinar attendees?

With Sequel, we track all attendance and engagement data and will soon provide benchmarking and lead scores to help you quickly qualify leads.

Can I use Sequel for free?

Sequel offers a free 14-day trial and plans starting at $125 per month.

Will Sequel allow me to consolidate tools?

Yes! Sequel reduces the cost & effort related to a distributed tech stack by consolidating 5+ tools including streaming, hosting, video editing, content repurposing, & gen-AI.

Can I integrate Sequel with my CRM?

Yes, we support powerful integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo. We also offer APIs to streamline all your automations and workflows.

Is it easy to switch from Zoom to Sequel?

Yes! We make sure the transition from Zoom to Sequel is as easy for you as possible with our expert team and quick transfer process.
We're sweetening the deal
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