Userpilot Boosts Demo Bookings by 3x with Webinars

After battling with registration frictions, taking people away from their website, and not having transparency into website metrics, Userpilot looked to to eliminate these challenges. They were even able to increase demo bookings by 3x after implementing

Software Development

51-200 employees

San Francisco, CA


more demo bookings


registrants per webinar


hours spent on website

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Userpilot is a product growth software that helps teams deliver in-app experiences to increase user adoption throughout their journey.

As a core marketing strategy, the Userpilot team introduced webinars to generate demand & engage prospects. The initial approach was to milk their already successful blog content into more interactive content experiences.

However, their previous webinar solution didn’t show them the growth they were envisioning due to:

  • Friction throughout the registration process
  • Needing to send people to a 3rd party tool
  • Not having a complete picture of webinar & engagement metrics

To eliminate these challenges and tap into webinars that would build a more robust pipeline, Userpilot looked to

Driving 3x more demo bookings with webinars

Sequel piqued the interest of Emilia Korczynska, Head of Marketing, and Lusine Sargsyan, Demand Generation Manager at Userpilot, after they realized the value of hosting webinars on their website. By easily embedding webinars into their website, their audience is able to learn more about their solution and book a demo directly from the webinar experience. 

The switch to Sequel became a no-brainer – also seeing how simple the transfer process was from their previous solution They uploaded their previous webinars into Sequel and refined their webinar strategy to take advantage of the additional functionality that Sequel built directly into the software.

In less than 5 months, Userpilot saw 3x more demo bookings from their webinar series. A huge contributor to this growth was the ability to embed their webinars onto dedicated WordPress landing pages with one simple line of code. 

From the Sequel engagement & analytics dashboard, Lusine noticed that webinar registrations had also increased substantially. Now every webinar she hosts averages about 200 registrants even though they use a hyper-targeted approach covering niche topics. By creating a seamless registration process for their audience using Sequel’s native forms, there were no longer frictions that would prevent people from signing up for each session.

Userpilot's embedded webinar experience

Taking Userpilot webinars to the next level

So what do they do with all the engagement data that Sequel helps them collect for every webinar? For the Userpilot team, it’s important to continue nurturing their registrants down the funnel until they become a customer. 

With the powerful Hubspot integration with Sequel, Emilia and Lusine were able to sync all their webinar data into their CRM triggering:

  • Lead scoring
  • Segmented nurturing sequences
  • Seamless handover to sales

With this new workflow, the lead hand-over process to sales is streamlined, they can constantly engage with their audience, and there is full transparency throughout the process.

Userpilot saves time creating content with Sequel AI

Bonus benefit: After the initial launch of Sequel AI, Lusine has been able to reduce the manual & time-consuming process of repurposing webinar content. Previously, the team needed the support of a costly writer to draft all the repurposed webinar content. Now, they are able to send the Sequel AI-generated blog posts directly to their editors instantly after every webinar and instantly share the social snippets on social media.

Since Userpilot switched to, they have seen their webinars move from simple reactive productions to structured & consistent pipeline drivers. Not to mention the cost and time savings that Lusine & Emilia have discovered after implementing Sequel AI & the HubSpot integration into their workflows.

Try for free to see how you can increase your demo bookings by 3x with conversion-worthy webinar experiences.

Userpilot sees increased conversions from their Sequel webinar experience


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