Crypto & Community: DeFiCon’s Hybrid Event to Bring People Together

DeFiCon tripled their community size & website traffic by hosting the World of Crypto and NFT's hybrid event on their website. The company saw a massive turnout of people who wanted to learn, network, and catch up on all things crypto and NFTs. See how they did it!

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DeFiCon tripled their community size by hosting the World of Crypto and NFT's hybrid event on their website

What’s the best way to bring together a global community of people who are fiercely passionate about the decentralization of finance? Sell NFTs instead of tickets, create buzz and generate demand in a way the financial world has yet to see.

That’s exactly what DeFiCon did! The company saw a massive turnout of people who wanted to learn, network, and catch up on all things crypto and NFTs.

DeFiCon’s core mission is simple: to demystify what it means to own, trade, and maximize cryptocurrency and NFTs while learning about the global impact they have and will have on humanity as a whole.

And none of this is for DeFiCon’s own gain. They made it their goal to host a charitable conference, which shifts the focus from maximizing profit to maximizing the experience for the attendees.

DeFiCon donates all the proceeds exceeding the cost of the event to charity while bringing the crypto community together under one roof.

"The goal is to ensure the value is found at our event and to inspire both new participants and people already familiar with DeFi."

From in-person to hybrid to global

DeFiCon knew the value of in-person events but had to quickly shift their strategy because of the uptick in covid cases. What was supposed to be a multi-day in person conference turned into a hybrid of in-person and remote attendance through sequel's embedded live video solution.

DeFiCon already had a community of passionate learners who wanted to come together to learn more about NFTs and crypto, but their main focus was to keep everyone safe while doing so. So, in less than a week, the conference pivoted to a hybrid event run live on their own website.

"Embedding a live video directly on our website through sequel couldn’t have been easier. We wanted the Discord experience without actually sending our community to Discord. The easiest way to get all of the information our event attendees needed in order to maximize their value of the conference was to host it directly onto our website.” said Phil Huang, DeFiCon Co-Founder.

Triple website traffic

The increase in website traffic after the live event ended was an unexpected benefit of hosting the event directly on their website.

Because sequel allows users to edit their sessions directly from the platform, DeFiCon chopped up clips from the event to use as promotional material for future sessions and social media content.

Hester Peirce, the Commissioner of the SEC, who was one of the notable speakers during the December conference, “commented after his session that joining a live stage on sequel was awesome. It was so easy to use and he marveled at the privacy, security, and ease of use. We were just as thrilled as he was about the pre-event experience and being able to promote speakers,” said Phil.

The future looks bright for crypto and DeFiCon

What’s next for DeFiCon? Another event!

"We’re so excited to bring everyone together in August to do this again. Now that we’ve proven the value of community in the crypto world, we want to be the source of truth for trends and what’s happening in the decentralized currency market,” said Phil.

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