Everflow drives 85% live event attendance through strategic partnership webinars

Webinars act as a cornerstone for elevating partnership programs and fueling demand generation.

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Everflow is a partner marketing platform that specializes in tracking, attribution, and managing partnerships including affiliates, strategic partners, and referral relationships. Everflow's unique approach allows businesses to consolidate their marketing efforts and partnerships in one place, providing a comprehensive view of performance, engagement, expansion, and retention.

As the SVP of Marketing for a partner marketing platform, Michael Cole and his team have made it a priority to lead by example with their own partner marketing strategy. To do this, webinars have acted as a cornerstone for elevating their partnership program and fueling their demand generation.

Webinars are a core part of Everflow’s partnership flywheel strategy. Everflow invites relevant strategic partners and agencies to be guests, both sides actively promote the webinar to their audiences, and post-webinar the conversation is transformed into evergreen content (using Sequel AI)  and shared on LinkedIn. This strategy lets Everflow build strong relationships with partners, gives quick wins that both teams can celebrate, and produces high-quality unique content for their website.

Challenges Faced Before Using Sequel.io:

In the initial kick-off of Everflow’s partnership fireside chat webinars, they wanted to get the ball rolling using Zoom as their hosting technology. However, using Zoom for webinars proved to be a clunky solution, limiting their team’s ability to track and measure the effectiveness of partnership efforts. They had no insights into how many registrations came from partner-driven traffic and couldn't attribute specific actions, such as demo requests, to the traffic generated while promoting the webinar.

This lack of visibility made it difficult to gauge the success of their partnership webinars, scale, and optimize their marketing strategy accordingly. Not to mention, they had to send all webinar attendees away from their website to watch the webinar and hope they would return & further engage with them.

They also saw an opportunity to repurpose their unique webinar content to provide value & reach a larger audience. But understanding the time commitment and strain on resources, that wasn’t something they were willing to invest in in the past. 

Michael talks about the main reasons he likes Sequel.io so much

Leveling up the partnership webinar experience

Everflow quickly switched from Zoom to Sequel.io in an effort to achieve 3 main things:

  • Tracking the traffic that comes from promoting their webinars
  • Analyze the engagement and demo requests from that traffic
  • Attribute how much activity is being generated by the partners 

Everflow’s team set up a new webinar hub on their website, which is built on Webflow, by quickly creating a new CMS (content management system) landing page template. They then embed  Sequel events using a small snippet of code alongside relevant information about the webinar date and guest speakers. This streamlined the process and allowed any team member to easily create and promote webinars using Everflow's CMS.

Everflow hosting webinars on their website using Sequel.io

Results Achieved since Implementing Sequel.io:

The implementation of Sequel.io brought several significant benefits to Everflow's marketing and demand generation strategy:

1. Enhanced Tracking and Analytics: By hosting webinars directly on their website through Sequel.io, Everflow gained deeper insights into their partnership webinar efforts. They track registrations, measure partner-driven traffic, and attribute specific actions to webinar leads, such as demo requests, time spent on the website, and even more granular engagement metrics from the webinar itself. This data provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of their partnerships and helped create transparency in the buyer journey.

2. Greater Brand Awareness: Partnering with industry experts and mid-level professionals for webinars helps Everflow expand its reach and establish brand awareness within new market segments. By leveraging their partners' networks and having them promote the webinars, Everflow can authentically reach a wider audience and drive them to their unique brand. The webinars Everflow hosts with Sequel.io, act as a hub for showcasing expertise, building credibility, and generating brand awareness among their target audience since each fireside chat sits in the middle of their brand experience on their existing website.

Using Sequel AI to repurpose webinar content

3. Expanding Webinar Content Impact: By offering webinars with expert voices, Everflow differentiated itself in the market and established itself as a go-to resource for industry professionals. After each unique webinar conversation, the Everflow team repurposes that content into blog posts using Sequel AI. They are able to reduce the manual and time-consuming task of creating blog articles by generating evergreen content with a click of a button. The impact of one conversation is then generating demand across various channels and providing value to a wider audience.

Sequel AI comment from Michael Cole

Overall, implementing Sequel.io enabled Everflow to optimize their partnership marketing strategy and generate demand through partnership webinars. The ability to track, measure, and attribute actions provided valuable insights while hosting webinars directly on their website helped expand brand awareness and establish credibility. The cost-effective & efficient nature of expanding their fireside chat series and delivering actionable content, contributed to Everflow's success in driving engagement, expanding their customer base, and achieving their revenue goals.

Want to see how you can drive your demand-generation efforts through webinars hosted directly on your website? Book a time to talk with our team and we will show you how.

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