Meet the new
Virtual Stage 2.0
Elevate your webinars with Sequel's new Virtual Stage, a purpose-built webinar platform for B2B marketers aiming to maximize ROI while ensuring an exceptional audience experience.
Everything lives on your website...
More Than Just A Video Player
Sequel is a fully embeddable webinar platform equipped with a comprehensive production suite. Host and view seamlessly through a single component, while leveraging first-party data to qualify leads more effectively.
It's All About Your Brand
Elevate your brand experience with our fully customizable Virtual Stage. Immerse your audience in a fully tailored environment where every detail, from backgrounds to colors and even dark mode, reflects your brand's identity.
Choose a demo theme:
Hosting made simple
Production Studio
Run beautifully branded events and provide memorable experiences with easy-to-use production tools including dynamic stage layouts, pre-recorded video, engagement tools, CTAs, and more! All of this is accessible within a single component on your site.
Choose a layout:
Experience unparalleled ease in orchestrating speaker transitions with our platform. Moving people on and off the stage has never been easier, regardless of the number of presenters involved.
Rich Media
Upload videos to the Virtual Stage before or during the event, or assign videos directly from the Media Hub. Moreover, our role-based permission system ensures only hosts can delete videos, preventing presenters from accidentally removing content.
Boost engagement by empowering attendees with the opportunity to join the Virtual Stage. Once their participation is complete, seamlessly transition them back to the audience, allowing them to continue enjoying the rest of the webinar.
Engage Your Audience
Effortlessly connect with attendees using public, private, or stage channels. Enhance engagement with features like chat reactions, message pinning, and upcoming chat threading, enabling seamless organization of discussions around specific messages.
Hosts can effortlessly publish and queue polls either before or during webinars. These polls are flexible, supporting up to 10 options each. Hosts retain full control and can choose whether to display results in real-time or after everyone has cast their vote.
All hosts, presenters, and attendees have the opportunity to submit questions both before and during events. Moderation options encompass the ability to review and approve Q&A submissions, as well as the option to enable anonymous Q&A. Furthermore, all questions can be upvoted, empowering hosts to prioritize inquiries based on audience interest.
Enhance engagement by integrating clear and compelling CTAs within your webinar. This feature also provides the flexibility to include links, allowing you to seamlessly redirect users to destinations outside of your website.
Google Drive
Ready to present? Say goodbye to the inconvenience of screen sharing. With the new Virtual Stage, you can now seamlessly integrate with Google Drive, enabling native support for a wide range of file types without any hassle.
Seamless brand integration
The new Virtual Stage offers complete customization, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your brand and seamlessly integrates into your website. Your audience won't even realize you didn't create it yourself.
Need to showcase your logo or watermark? Look no further! The revamped Virtual Stage enables you to effortlessly upload multiple logos and gives hosts full control over their placement on the stage.
Lower Thirds
The new Virtual Stage now offers support for lower thirds displayed on each speaker tile. Hosts can enhance this feature by adding titles and company names, providing a professional touch to the presentation.
Text overlays can be applied across the entire Virtual Stage, and you can queue up multiple overlays for seamless integration into your event.

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