Optimize your Salesforce workflow with Sequel.io

Accelerate your sales team with Sequel.io's native Salesforce integration.

Hosting webinars on your website is a powerful strategy to attract high-quality leads, but the real magic happens when those leads are converted into revenue by your sales team. Enter Sequel.io's Salesforce integration, designed to supercharge your webinar efforts.

With our seamless integration, all contact information, activity data, and lead actions are automatically synced to Salesforce, consolidating valuable lead insights in one centralized location for easy access and action.

Not stopping there, we take it a step further by automating the assignment of these leads to a dedicated Sequel.io queue, granting your SDR team immediate access to kickstart relationship nurturing.

Next, you can identify and prioritize the most engaged webinar attendees, directing them straight to your Sales team for personalized follow-up. For example, you can take all the leads that attended at least 5% of the webinar and assign them to the Sales team. Now the Sales team can reach out to the most engaged Leads faster!

In essence, by leveraging Sequel.io's Salesforce integration, you can streamline lead management, enhance workflow efficiency, and ultimately drive revenue growth from your B2B marketing webinars.


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