How Landed Turned Registrations Into Revenue Within 1 Month

The Landed team wanted their new series to stand out from all the other webinars, podcasts, and content produced in their space. Embedding and hosting “Fast Casual” directly on their website was a huge draw, turning that dream into a reality with They even converted a customer after only hosting 5 sessions.

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Landed is a job platform & marketplace for large enterprise businesses centered around restaurant, hospitality, and retail industries. They not only help job seekers find roles but also help businesses fill roles quickly and more professionally.

As a core initiative to generate demand and elevate their content strategy, Alex Mann, the Head of Marketing and Growth, and his team toyed with different tactics that would move the needle and scale with their growth. After evaluating their options, they launched “Fast Casual” – their live broadcast podcast series taking the form of a weekly webinar.

Launching Landed’s Webinar Series

It’s one thing to decide to launch a webinar series and another to get it started. Alex knew that to get the most out of their new initiative they needed to find a solution that would allow them to implement 3 core things:

  • Process scalability
  • Content repurposability
  • An engaging production experience

Knowing that many people have become “Zoomed out”, Zoom was a solution that was taken off the table. They had used Zoom before and the production experience was sub-par with poor video quality and a lack of background noise cancelation. But when evaluating the other virtual event solutions in the market, only one ticked off all the boxes –

"Sequel is the most advanced too I've seen and I've used a lot of them ..."

Creating a Scalable Lead Magnet

The Landed team wanted their series to stand out from all the other webinars, podcasts, and content produced in their space. Embedding and hosting “Fast Casual” directly on their website was a huge draw, turning that dream into a reality.

This setup has now helped turn their site into a lead magnet since people naturally start navigating through their website after each event ends. They’ve already seen “Fast Casual” drive over 2,500 website traffic sessions and over 90 hours spent on their website from the embedded webinar experience – and that’s only to the webinar series homepage.

By hosting “Fast Casual” directly on their website, they are able to put people in front of high-intent CTAs which resulted in a conversion after only ~5 episodes.

Following the kick-off of the series with Sequel, Alex was able to create more thought leadership content by attracting big industry names to speak including Bill Phelps, CEO of Dave’s Hot Chicken, and Cristine Cruz, VP of Operations at Krispy Kreme. 

Landed's webinar series featured on their website

Webinars as a cornerstone content piece

It was also important for the team to build a process that would allow “Fast Casual” to be repurposed into other formats including blog articles and social media posts. Initially thinking that this process would involve various tools and a lot of manual work, Alex was pleasantly surprised when he realized that Sequel AI could repurpose the video content automatically after each session ended.

Sequel AI has helped reduce the extensive time it would take to repurpose content to less than 1 hour and eliminated the need to hire a freelance writer. And by sharing the webinar and repurposed content with speakers, they are able to amplify their efforts further.

Landed’s webinar series is now used as a cornerstone content piece that fuels their entire content engine. Like Alex said, “Our webinars are like the Thanksgiving turkey, and the articles and social posts are the turkey sandwiches the next day. Our webinars keep providing our audience with more than just the webinar content itself.”

88 hours of time was spend on their website with Sequel

Engaging the “Fast Casual” audience

When it comes to the audience experience, Alex and his team don’t have to worry about the production quality. They know that every time they go live, the video quality will be clear and the audio will be crisp. No background noise and no video lag to be seen. This allows them to engage their audience of over 350 registrants as if they were sitting around a campfire and constantly gets them coming back for more.

Landed's webinar experience embedded on their website

The “Fast Casual” series has also helped the marketing team reengage prospects while giving the sales team the firepower to convert deals faster. Overall, Landed’s weekly webinar series has opened up more content opportunities, engaging their audience throughout each stage of the sales funnel.

Want to launch your webinar series with Sequel? Sign up for free or book a time with us to get a personalized product walkthrough.

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