Connect Sequel and Eloqua and seamlessly sync engagement data
Setup guide

Sequel offers a native integration with Eloqua. With a few setup steps, you can send registration, live and ondemand attendance into your Eloqua instance.

Create or Update leads on event registration

Once the Eloqua integration is connected we will automatically create or update leads when they register for a Sequel event. You have an option to turn on/off this feature.

Send user engagement

We will automatically update Leads and add custom activities based on engagement. This includes watched live minutes, minutes watched on-demand, chat, polls, and Q&A. Data from the live event is published when an event ends. Data from replays is published every 24 hours. This data is structured so you can easily create dynamic lists and trigger workflows. You have an option to turn on/off this feature.

Mapping Sequel Registration Fields to Eloqua

Sequel.io registration data can be aligned with specific Eloqua fields, enhancing data organization and enabling more complex automations based on the collected data. We automatically pull all custom fields from Eloqua, making it simple to map the questions added in Sequel.