1000+ Apps

With our Zapier integration, you can connect your events with an endless list of applications
Setup guide

Sequel is available in Zapier with the ability to integrate with 1,000+ applications.

Register users on Sequel

With Zapier, you can use any custom submissions and automatically register a user in Sequel. This will trigger the email confirmation, calendar invite and all customization options used in Sequel. Popular integrations include Pardot, Marketo and Hubspot form submissions.


Fetch a list of attended users

You can listen to the "Participants List for Event Ended" event that gets triggered when a Sequel event is finished. This will contain a list of all users that joined that event so you can run your own lead scoring or workflows and convert your leads.


Trigger flows when a user registered on Sequel

You can also listen to when a user registers on Sequel and instantly trigger custom flows like sending your own emails, starting a sequence or adding them to a custom CRM.


Looking for more complex integrations? Check out our native integrations or our Sequel APIs.