WordPress 1-click CMS

Automatically sync your Sequel events to Wordpress
Setup guide

To enhance your team's efficiency, the Sequel WordPress plugin enables seamless integration of CMS entries from Sequel directly into your WordPress CMS. This means that whenever an event is created in Sequel, it is instantly reflected on your WordPress site, complete with registration functionalities, detailed event descriptions, live interaction features, and on-demand access.

This streamlined process requires only a one-time setup, empowering your marketing team to effortlessly orchestrate webinars and on-demand content from Sequel while ensuring consistent branding and call-to-action elements on your primary marketing website.

Sequel Wordpress CMS Plugin

The integrations is done using the Sequel CMS 1-Click WordPress plugin. To start, download the plugin from your Sequel dashboard and install it on your WordPress site.

Configuring Field Mappings

The Sequel 1-Click plugin settings page allows you to map the Sequel values to your own properties in WordPress. Here, you can tailor the integration to meet your site's unique content structure and presentation style.

  • Post Type Mapping: Decide on the type of content Sequel events will generate on your WordPress site. While posts are the standard option, the plugin offers flexibility to go beyond, allowing for the creation of custom content types like live events or webinars.
  • Post Status Mapping: Control the visibility of your content updates with this setting. Choose whether Sequel events will be published directly to your site or saved as drafts for further review.
  • Custom Field Mappings: Extend the detail of your event synchronization with mappings for additional data like start/end dates, descriptions, Sequel AI summary, and time zones, ensuring your WordPress site reflects the full scope of your Sequel events.

Automatic inputting of registration URL in Sequel

Once a post is created in WordPress, our plugin will automatically update the registration URL in Sequel with the newly created event. This ensure registrations are coming to your website immediately after creation.