Sequel API

Integrate your application with Sequel APIs. You can bring webinars in-platform, automate workflows, register users, fetch analytics and much more!
Setup guide

To enhance the integration and automation capabilities of your platform with Sequel's webinars, consider leveraging Sequel's comprehensive APIs. These APIs are designed to streamline various processes, including event management and user authentication, directly from your system, eliminating the need for separate logins to Sequel.


Enhanced Event and Networking Hub Management

With Sequel APIs, you have the power to programmatically create, modify, and delete events and networking hubs. This enables the development of a bespoke virtual platform or allows your team to seamlessly oversee Sequel events within your existing infrastructure.


Seamless Integration with Your Authentication System

ā€If your platform already has an authentication system or a members' area, Sequel APIs facilitate the generation of unique tokens for your users. This integration ensures a frictionless access experience to webinars for your users, by leveraging your existing authentication mechanism. More info here.


Access to In-depth Analytics

Sequel offers sophisticated analytics through its dashboard, providing insights into various metrics. The corresponding API endpoints for each chart and table allow you to fetch this data directly into your system. This feature enables you to conduct custom analyses or integrate Sequel's data with your own data storage solutions for enhanced reporting and insights. More info here.


By integrating Sequel's APIs into your platform, you not only enhance the user experience by providing streamlined access to webinars but also gain the flexibility to manage events and analyze data within your preferred environment. This approach fosters a more cohesive and efficient workflow, leveraging the capabilities of Sequel to enrich your platform's offerings.