Convert Website Visitors to Buyers with Live Video

You have visitors coming to your website, now what? Here's how to turn visitors into customers

If you’re a marketer you know the usual bag of tricks it takes to get a complete stranger to your website, turn them into a prospect, and then turn them into a customer. It’s no easy feat. Tactics like social media promotion, email marketing, paid media, advertising, and good old word of mouth are great ways to attract potential customers, but once they’re on your site, what can be done to encourage a sale? Tactics like web personalization, pop-ups, discount codes, and email reminders about abandoned carts are a great starting point but are predictable. Every e-commerce brand, both big and small, online and off, all use the same methods to close a sale and buyers are becoming tone-deaf to the marketing buzz.

There’s a etter way to convert buyers. It’s helpful, it’s informative, and it’s proven to work. It’s through live video. 


Remember watching QVC or HSN and being compelled to buy something even though you didn’t need it? The combination of the personalities displaying the products, the enthusiasm, the lights… all combined was enough to encourage a sale. Well, the 2022 version of that is bringing that experience to your own website and allowing buyers to live-stream e-commerce purchases in the same way they’re watching video game streaming on platforms like Twitch and Discord. 

Virtual dressing rooms, product displays, and tutorials directly on your own website, where a customer can see the benefits of a product and then immediately add it to their shopping cart, is the future of commerce. Since less time is being spent in dressing rooms and in brick and mortar stores, buyers want the chance to experience a product in some way before they pull out their credit cards to buy. Retailers can personalize their product videos and then take questions, get feedback, and answer questions about the products they’re showcasing in real-time. Not only can you create these live streams right on your own website, but you can stream them to your social channels too.


This all sounds very Jetson’s, but even retailers like Amazon are betting big on live streaming and e-comm. Five years ago retailers put a huge emphasis on perfectly manicured product photos, which are great but are still only two-dimensional. Product videos, on your own website, mixed with live streaming are the future of retail. 

According to a survey of online buyers from the USA, the majority expect to see an average of six photographs and three videos per product before deciding to buy. What’s more, 66% of users expecting to find information on products prefer to watch a short video before hitting “add to cart.” 

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