Build your virtual video platform in minutes, not months

With Sequel APIs, you get access to pre-built audio, video and chat components with complete customization and a user experience that takes years to build in-house.

"Sequel's APIs gave us tremendous levels of flexibility and customizability over our integration, which is something that we could not find in any other solutions. Their team is always willing to work with us on creative solutions for our unique use cases – It feels like a truly collaborative partnership in that way."

Kevan Mann
Head of Product, RallyUp

On Time & Under Budget

  • Ready to use embeddable video modules: All of the Sequel modules – Virtual & Hybrid Stages, Networking Hub, and Chat – come pre-built, so you can focus on the rest of your platform instead of designing a full UI from scratch.

  • Easy implementation with REST API: Use the Sequel REST API to automate the creation, editing, and customization of a module in under 5 minutes. It’s really that simple.

Features straight out of the box

Mix, match, and link powerful pre-built components to easily create your own experience.

Virtual & Hybrid Stage

Host world-class live, pre-recorded, or hybrid sessions with ease for up to 2 million attendees.

Networking Hub

Network freely in preset circles, 1:1, or dynamic discussion groups.

Fully Customizable

Use Sequel's REST API to automate the creation, editing, and customization of an event in under 5 minutes. It’s really that simple.

Easy To Build And Manage

All of the features you’re used to from Twilio and Agora, plus so much more. No need to scale any cloud services - we’ve got you covered front to back. From social syndication to virtual backgrounds, analytics, and all of the other features that you’d have to build.

We do the hard things for you

A complete real-time video and audio platform

  • We support global scale with 16 data centers and a historical 99.99% uptime.
  • Automatic switching between p2p and SFU with a smooth transition
  • 100 people on screen and up to 2M participants with HD quality as standard
  • Individual optimized bandwidth management for audio, video, screen sharing, and media sharing
  • SFU based architecture with optimized UI and codecs to reduce CPU load
  • Automatic connection handling when devices switch between WiFi and cellular
Built and designed by experts
  • Designed to easily produce profesional content
  • Multiple layout switching during a live session
  • Greenroom and live stage management with ease
  • Networking designed to promote high engagement
  • Chat+ component with slow mode, polls, Q&A
  • Cross-browser support
  • RTMP-in support from any software like OBS
  • Simulcast support and bandwidth management
  • RTMP-out to any endpoint or social platforms
  • Switching between live and pre-recorded content
  • Ability to share a YouTube, Vimeo or any mp4 video
  • Completely customizable to match any branding
Build confidently with enhanced security

All of your video, audio, and chat traffic uses HTTPS over TLS, with the option to encrypt all of your data - end-to-end.

  • Embedded within your own domain and existing security
  • Individual Permissions & Passwords
  • Live Stream Encryption
  • Enterprise SSO & Intranet Integration
Quality that will impress your users

Our component is optimized to display HD+ quality for real-time interaction and to 4K quality for RTMP and pre-recorded content.

  • HD+ quality for real-time interaction (up to 1080p)
  • Full-HD and 4K support for RTMP and pre-recorded content
  • Optimized video and UI to reduce CPU load and manage bandwidth
  • Screen sharing quality to match any screen size
Support for SRT & RTMP, and social media syndication.

Let your users bring in external feeds using SRT and RTMP protocols, and output those streams to platforms like Twitter Live, YouTube Live, and Twitch

Instant On-Demand Replay & Editing

Turn your live sessions into customizable on-demand replays

Preview Prebuilt Components

The stage has everything you need to host virtual meetings and create production quality content with easy access for your users

Recreate the serendipity of in-person events in pre-configured networking circles, one-on-one chats or small-group discussions

Pre-built chat scaling to 2 million concurrent participants with <50ms latency, global access, emojis, Q&A and polls

Responsive layouts with pagination and ability to move filmstrip to any part of the screen

Control center can be turned on for any stage to allow hosts to move presenters on/off stage, queue videos and lower thirds

Optimized ML model to allow virtual backgrounds in the browser with low CPU usage. Custom images are supported.

Fully branded component that blends in your website. Easy access to viewers with instant replay after the session is over

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