May 23rd’s playbook for turning registrations to revenue

To help their growing 3M+ userbase get the training they needed, added daily live webinars. Pete and the team built a frictionless event experience that integrates directly into the product and onboarding flow — resulting in new users booking 6x meetings for their businesses. In this Masterclass workshop, Peter will share how they built this PLG webinar program to help improve your own user journeys.
more user meetings booked
increase in product adoption
Pete Kincaid
Sr. frontend Engineer, growth
CMO Panel

The MarTech puzzle for efficient data-driven marketers

Leveraging intent data to convert demand has become the name of the game. This emphasizes the importance of collecting accurate first-party data and a seamless collaboration between Marketing and Sales as a single GTM team. In this panel discussion, you'll learn from first-class Marketing Game Changers on how to harness intent data and create a fool-proof system for driving revenue as one GTM powerhouse.
Iryna Zhuravel
VP of marketing
Chris Kiertz
Head of Marketing Operations
Alayna Thompson
Sr. Marketing Operations Manager
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