Your 2024 tool directory to turn your website into a conversion engine

Engage: Video & webinar tools

1. enables marketing teams to run webinars and live events directly on their website for an integrated customer journey and to drive high value actions that turn into revenue.

Why would you host you webinars on a separate platform and build traffic for another brand? Engage your audience on your own website to convert registrations into revenue, increase website traffic, and collect all your engagement data in the tools you already use.
3 things customers love about
• Hosting webinars directly on their branded website
• Complete ownership & visibility into engagement data
• Scalable webinar series with scheduled simulive sessions

Create: Content creation & repurposing tools

2. SEOwind

SEOwind is an AI content tool that scales content production by delivering quality briefs and blog posts in 12 different languages. It leverages AI to simplify the writing process from keyword research to the final draft, offering detailed outlines and audience-tailored content.

By customizing tone of voice and company details, SEOwind can match your brand's identity while increasing output and maintaining a human touch.
3 things customers love about SEOwind:
• AI generated SEO articles
• Easy to use brief builder
• Recommendations for keywords and sections to include

3. Surfer

Surfer is a content intelligence tool that merges content strategy, creation, & optimization into one smooth process – to help content teams grow brands, organic traffic, and revenue.

Content, SEO, and Marketing teams use Surfer to accelerate their digital marketing by quickly finding the best content opportunities, creating a content strategy, & writing compelling pages based on data-driven guidelines.
3 things customers love about Surfer:
• Creates SEO-optimized content
• Content editing experience and functionality
• Ease of use

4. Sequel AI

Sequel AI, powered by, is the only solution that enables marketing teams to turn videos, webinars, and live events into engaging evergreen content in seconds.

Turn your incredible event content into snackable video clips, blogs, & social posts, extending the shelf-life of your content. Repurpose your video and webinar content with Sequel AI to better engage your audience directly on your website, faster. It's now easier than ever to focus on engaging and educating your audience, seamlessly.
3 things customers love about Sequel AI:
• Quickly turns videos into written blog articles, transcripts, & social posts
• Generates on-brand and SEO-optimized content
• Managing content & creating video clips in the Sequel AI Media Hub

5. Jasper

Jasper is a creative AI assistant who can learn and write in your unique brand tone. Whether you speak boldly, cheekily, formally, or only in internet speak. Plus, the Jasper browser extension keeps Jasper by your side, from your CMS to email to social media to your own company platform with Jasper API.
3 things customers love about Jasper:
• Extensive library of content templates
• Quality suggestions and writing assistance
• Idea generation

6. Writer

Writer is the generative AI platform for enterprises. Maximize creativity and 10x productivity by transforming the way you work. The secure platform snaps easily into your business data sources and delivers accurate answers and content that are fine-tuned to follow your own AI guardrails.
3 things customers love about Writer:
• Customizable brand guidelines
• Expand and summarize content
• Integrations and browser extension

7. is the perfect solution for enterprise marketing teams looking to improve their go-to-market strategy and streamline their content creation process. With, teams can generate content that helps to establish thought leadership and build trust with potential customers, helping to improve the effectiveness of the team's GTM approach.
3 things customers love about
• Create content variants
• Generate long-form content quickly
• Intuitive user interface

Connect: Chatbots

8. Qualified

Qualified is a pipeline generation platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce. Leading B2B brands grow their pipeline by tapping into their greatest sales & marketing asset—the corporate website—to identify the most valuable buyers, uncover signals of buyer intent, and instantly start conversations.
3 things customers love about Qualified:
• Top-notch sales and support team
• Qualified AI chat personalization
• Integrations and quick set-up time

9. Drift

Drift helps create more engaging customer experiences, one conversation at a time. The tool enables companies to translate conversational data and buyer behavior into deeper relationships, more pipeline, and more revenue. Its human-centric, AI-powered platform also listens, understands, and learns from buyers to deliver personalized experiences and recommendations at every touchpoint.
3 things customers love about Drift:
• Out-of-the-box integrations
• Data collection and analytics
• Create personalized videos

10. Tidio

Tidio’s user-friendly platform enables 300,000+ businesses worldwide to deliver smarter, faster support to their customers. With a full suite of customer service solutions, Tidio offers live chat, chatbots, ticketing, and AI-powered virtual support agents to help you solve customer problems and improve your conversion rates.
3 things customers love about Tidio:
• Live website visitor view
• Notification and chat management
• Connect multiple sites to one account

11. Intercom

Intercom is a complete customer service solution that provides a seamless customer experience across automation and human support, delivering increased customer satisfaction while reducing costs. They're building a future where most customer conversations are successfully resolved without needing human support, freeing up the team to work on higher-value customer conversations.
3 things customers love about Intercom:
• Conversation management and email forwarding
• Side conversations
• Automated series

Build Trust: Social proof & review tools

12. G2

G2 Marketing Solutions is your door to the more than 90M people researching, comparing, and buying software on G2 every year. For 10 years and 2 million reviews, software vendors have trusted G2 to build credibility and power their pipeline.
3 things customers love about G2:
• Easy review process for customers
• Quarterly G2 badges
• Valuable intent data

13. Capterra

Capterra helps organizations find the right software and services, with 100,000+ solutions across 900 software types. They offer access to over 2 million verified reviews, in-depth product comparisons, and data-backed annual software ranking reports for over 350 types of software— helping organizations save time, increase productivity, and accelerate their growth.
3 things customers love about Capterra:
• Detailed competitor comparisons
• Review incentivization
• Social proof

Guide: Interactive demo tools

14. Navattic

Interactive demos let website visitors get hands-on with your product and experience 'aha' moments from the first time they see your website. Use interactive demos to pre-qualify leads before they jump on a live call, educate prospects on how to use your product for specific personas or use cases, and highlight differentiating features or integrations.
3 things customers love about Navattic:
• Intuitive interactive demo set-up
• Customize screen captures
• Library of pre-formatted content

15. Tourial

When your buyers want to interact with or try your product, they want to do it right away. Tourial is an interactive demo platform that lets your website visitors interact with your product right from your website with no friction. This gives SaaS companies the same type of conversion rate increases and revenue impact that PLG companies see – but with a fraction of the effort to deploy.
3 things customers love about Tourial:
• Quick & easy to deploy interactive demos
• Identification of high intent leads & popular features
• Powerful integrations including Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, & Slack

16. Walnut

Walnut helps SaaS companies simplify the buying process for their prospects by showcasing the value of their products in engaging, personalized, and interactive product demos.
3 things customers love about Walnut:
• Automatic demo updates
• Self-guided flows
• No-code set-up

17. Storylane

Storylane helps companies build interactive product demos in minutes with our no-code tool. Embed guided product tours on your website, landing pages, blog posts, social media or share in email campaigns.
3 things customers love about Storylane:
• AI-generated content
• Easy to integrate into websites
• Voiceover capability

18. ScreenSpace

Telling compelling stories is the difference between winning the hearts of your buyers – or losing them to those that do. As a hybrid self-serve platform and creative agency, ScreenSpace helps GTM teams turn complex products and ideas into stunning interactive web experiences that effortlessly connect-the-dots from high-level value to tangible proof – designed for technical and non-technical buyers.
3 things customers love about ScreenSpace:
• Adaptive, buyer-led narratives
• Engaging, multimedia-rich storytelling
• Integrated, award-winning creative services

Track: Revenue intelligence tools

19. 6sense

Generate revenue by predicting customers most likely to buy and recommending the best course of action to engage anonymous buying teams. 6sense Revenue AI is the only sales and marketing platform to unlock the ability to create, manage, and convert high-quality pipeline to revenue.
3 things customers love about 6sense:
• Audience segmentation
• Brings together data from all your tools
• Predictive analytics & intent identification

20. Demandbase

Demandbase is the Smarter GTM company for B2B brands. They help revenue teams overcome the disruptive data and technology fragmentation that inhibits insight. Get access to account intelligence at every step of the buyer journey, wherever you interact with customers. The result? You spot opportunities earlier, engage with them more intelligently, and close deals faster.
3 things customers love about Demandbase:
• Predictive scoring
• Easy-to-use UI
• Deanonymizing web data

21. Bombora

Find the businesses that are ready to buy before your competitors do. Connect and sell using the industry’s most comprehensive and privacy-compliant Intent data.
3 things customers love about Bombora:
• Automatic surge report
• Identify in-market opportunities
• Pin-point most popular product features

22. Madkudu

Add intelligence to your revenue automation. MadKudu’s AI analyzes your data to surface the most important buying signals across the customer journey — allowing your revenue team to focus on the actions that matter most.
3 things customers love about Madkudu:
• Lead prioritization
• Activity level overview
• Seamless integrations

23. HockeyStack

Don’t just measure marketing influence. Scale it. Measure, forecast, predict, and grow revenue by combining attribution, lift analysis, and marketing mix modeling into one, unified measurement stack without blind spots.
3 things customers love about HockeyStack:
• Creating dynamic reports and dashboards
• Cookieless website visitor tracking
• Revenue & ROI analysis

24. Dreamdata

Dreamdata automatically extracts, cleans and simplifies your B2B go-to-market data to provide complete transparency on what’s driving your revenue.
3 things customers love about Dreamdata:
• Visibility into the full buyer journey
• Report and dashboard recipes
• Granular data that’s easy to understand

25. Clearbit

Now reinvented with Artificial Intelligence—Clearbit is the first AI Native Data Provider. Enrich your records, reveal buying intent, and connect with your ideal customers.
3 things customers love about Clearbit:
• Data Enrichment
• Detailed demographics and firmographics
• Great customer support

26. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder helps sales and marketing teams understand, and engage with website visitors in real time. Are your teams stumbling in the dark without solid website visitor insights? With Leadfeeder by Dealfront, your teams can uncover the companies that visit your website, see what they're visiting, and gain insights into their behavior.
3 things customers love about Leadfeeder:
• Informing sales and marketing strategies
• Easy to use interface
• Great customer service

Accelerate: Qualification & scheduling tools

27. Chili Piper

Chili Piper is the secret spice of top revenue teams. Chili Piper is the only lead routing and scheduling software that improves conversions across the entire funnel. They qualify, route, and schedule leads from literally anywhere you get leads — be it web forms, your G2 page, cold emails, and more.
3 things customers love about Chili Piper:
Robust lead routing
• Automated qualification process
• Straightforward meeting scheduling

28. Calendly

Calendly is the scheduling automation platform with team-based scheduling, solutions and integrations for every department, and advanced security features.
3 things customers love about Calendly:
Automated reminders and follow-up emails
• Easy-to-use browser extension
• Personal and team scheduling links

29. Leandata

Turn buyer signals into buying decisions by orchestrating every person, process, and play you need to close deals faster and drive revenue more efficiently.
3 things customers love about Leandata:
Management of complex routing scenarios
• Easy to integrate with other tools
• Lead-to-account matching

Experiment: Web analytics & testing tools

30. Wynter

Get hi-fi intel straight from your target customers, on demand. Find out how target customers see your product and messaging, plus understand their big pain points and how they buy. Learn what your buyers need to hear to convert.
3 things customers love about Wynter:
• Real ICP & audience feedback
• 24-48 report turnaround
• Preference testing

31. Hotjar

Confidently optimize your website's user experience and revenue, with actionable insights that uncover exactly why your users convert—and why not.
3 things customers love about Hotjar:
• Heat mapping
• User engagement recordings
• Feedback polls

32. Heap

Heap is a digital insights platform that gives you a complete understanding of your customers’ digital journeys, so you can quickly improve conversion, retention, and customer delight.
3 things customers love about Heap:
• Website event data enrichment
• Valuable reporting and analytics
• User segmentation

33. Mutiny

95% of your web visitors won't convert on your generic website. Mutiny makes it easy to target and convert more B2B buyers on your site with no code web personalization.
3 things customers love about Mutiny:
• AI content recommendations
• A/B testing
• Personalizing landing pages

34. Optimizely

​​Optimizely powers the entire marketing lifecycle, unlocking your team to create content with speed, launch experiments with confidence, and deliver experiences of the highest quality.
3 things customers love about Optimizely:
• Excellent APIs
• Behavioral segmentation
• Project monitoring

35. Iterable

Iterable is the top-rated AI-powered customer communication platform that enables brands like Redfin, Priceline, Calm, and Box to deliver joyful experiences with harmonized, individualized, and dynamic cross-channel communications at scale.
3 things customers love about Iterable:
• Simplified data feeds
• SMS, email, & push notifications
• Campaign management

Build: Website builders

36. Webflow

Build with the power of code — without writing any. Take control of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a visual canvas. Webflow generates clean, semantic code that’s ready to publish or hand to developers.
3 things customers love about Webflow:
• Design & content creation are separated
• Dynamic page customization options
• Intuitive and robust designer

37. WP Engine

Design, build, power, and manage extraordinary WordPress. Discover how the fully managed, all-in-one WordPress platform can help fuel your success, not your stress.
3 things customers love about WP Engine:
• 1-stop-shop dashboard for managing projects
• Reliable hosting infrastructure
• Daily back-ups and data security

38. Unbounce

With Unbounce’s AI-powered landing page creation and optimization platform, you can build higher-converting campaigns that’ll help you scale your marketing without limits.
3 things customers love about Unbounce:
• Drag and drop builder
• Intuitive user interface
• Landing page templates

Expand: Localization tools

39. Lokalise

Lokalise is a content localization management platform that helps marketing teams get high-quality localized websites out the door faster. Manage your website localization projects in one place, connect your CMS to keep content moving back and forth, and weave in your work management tools to stay on top of localization tasks. Make your website findable sooner, build trust in new markets faster, and see engagement skyrocket.
3 things customers love about Lokalise:
• AI translations: high-quality translations in less time
• Built-in style guides and glossaries: translated content is on-brand & accurate
• CMS & design integrations: projects & teams are connected for seamless collaboration

40. Weglot

Everything you need to translate, display, and manage your multilingual website, with full editing control. Connect Weglot with any website technology for a fully translated and displayed website in minutes.
3 things customers love about Weglot:
• Lightweight plug-in
• Seamless SEO integration
• Automatic language detection

41. Crowdin

Crowdin is localization software for teams and businesses. Automate the translation of your content with 600+ apps and integrations enhanced by AI.
3 things customers love about Crowdin:
• Automatic validation
• Easy to upload source files
• Free additional collaborators

42. Transifex

From simple websites to complex digital products, Transifex makes it easy to localize all your digital content from start to finish.
3 things customers love about Transifex:
• Glossary creation
• Smooth project workflows and set-up
• Live editing interface

43. Phrase

The Phrase Localization Suite is built to automate, manage, and translate all your content into the languages your audiences speak and the experiences they live.
3 things customers love about Phrase:
• Translation progress overview
• Comparing translations
• Customizable API

44. Unbabel

Unbabel is the first Language Operations Platform fueled by an always-on AI that empowers you to bring in human review when needed – so you can save as you go and easily up level quality to meet your business needs.
3 things customers love about Unbabel:
• Multilingual support
• Real-time translations
• Content translations

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