Combining Marketo Registration Forms with Sequel Webinar Components

In today's dynamic digital environment, webinars have emerged as crucial instruments for connecting with audiences, generating leads, and displaying expertise. A typical setup involves a landing page that hosts session details, speaker bios, and a Marketo form for registrations.

This blog post guides you through a smooth transition from a Marketo registration form to the Sequel webinar component, on the same landing page, while preserving your current workflow. The step-by-step instructions ensure a hassle-free integration, enhancing both efficiency and user experience.

Example transition between Marketo form and Sequel component


Why Merge Marketo Registration Forms and Sequel Webinar Components?

  1. Easy Integration with Existing Worflow: Instead of having to design new landing pages, you can use your existing registration form landing page and simply embed Sequel in the same workflow. With our powerful embed code you can also reduce the need to copy paste the Marketo form code and power everything from the Sequel dashboard.
  2. Streamlined User Experience: The foremost advantage of having both your Marketo registration form and Sequel webinar component on the same page is the creation of a user-friendly and hassle-free experience. Prospective attendees can register for your webinar without being redirected to multiple pages or encountering complex registration processes. This streamlined approach not only simplifies the user journey but also encourages higher registration rates.
  3. Real-time Transition: The magic lies in the seamless transition from the registration state to the live webinar experience. As soon as a user completes their registration, the layout automatically adjusts, with the Sequel webinar component taking center stage. This instantaneous shift eliminates any friction in the registration process and keeps participants engaged from the get-go. They also immediately receive a confirmation email in their calendar.
  4. Effortless Tracking and Analytics: By having both Marketo and Sequel on the same page, you simplify the process of tracking and analyzing webinar data. You can effortlessly monitor registration numbers, conversion rates, attendee behavior, and post-webinar engagement all in one centralized location. This consolidated approach empowers you to evaluate the success of your webinars and make data-driven decisions with ease.

How to Seamlessly Merge Marketo Registration Forms and Sequel Webinar Components:

Now, let's walk through the step-by-step process of integrating Marketo and Sequel on your landing page:

  1. Begin by logging in to your Admin Dashboard and configuring the Marketo integration with Sequel.
  2. Copy the Sequel Integration script and strategically place it on your website, ideally in the same location where you typically embed Marketo forms.
  3. Ensure that you include the Marketo script on the same page, taking care to match it with your specific Marketo instance's domain.
  4. Design your landing page layout to accommodate both the Marketo form and the Sequel component. Create two separate div elements: one reserved for the Marketo form and the other for the Sequel component.
  5. Configure the placement of the Marketo form by inserting an empty div element with the id "mktoForm."
  6. For the Sequel component, add the code <div id="sequel_root"></div>, and make certain that it occupies the full width of the page for an immersive viewing experience.
  7. Create a Marketo form within your Marketo account, ensuring that it aligns with your branding and data collection needs.
  8. In the Sequel dashboard, select the specific event you want to link your Marketo form to, navigate to the Registration tab, and enable the "Third-party registration" option.
  9. Proceed to the CRM tab within Sequel and enter the required information, including the Marketo form ID, Marketo base URL, and Marketo Munchkin ID, exactly as they appear in your Marketo form settings.
  10. In the Embed tab of Sequel, locate and copy the code under "Marketo Form with Sequel."
  11. Paste this embed code anywhere on your landing page. To simplify future webinar creation, consider creating a CMS entry for this code, facilitating your marketing team's ability to add new webinars and copy the Sequel embed code with ease.

For a more step-by-step guide, please follow our help article.


The combination of Marketo registration forms and Sequel webinar components on the same landing page unlocks numerous benefits, ranging from a smoother user experience to heightened audience engagement and streamlined data analytics. By following the comprehensive integration steps outlined in this blog post, you can create a seamless and highly effective webinar registration process that maximizes your marketing efforts. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape and provide your audience with a top-tier webinar experience that leaves a lasting impact.

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