December 2023 Product Update

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Here's your monthly roundup of the latest product updates, announcements, and upcoming features.

How do you attract and engage an audience on your website?


We're excited to unveil the "2024 Guide for Turning Your Website into a Conversion Engine". This guide is bringing together 12 key tactics from top marketing experts and leading brands to empower you to transform your website into the ultimate conversion engine.

Key highlights include engaging your audience with unique, evergreen content, personalizing the user experience, and building trust through social proof. These tactics are just the beginning of a robust approach to understand and optimize the buyer's journey, leveraging your website as a primary tool for business growth and customer engagement.

Read the guide, here.

Feature Updates

Media Hub improvements

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 7.21.01 PM-1

Thank you to all our customers for quickly embracing the Media Hub! We're thrilled by the overwhelming usage and have implemented several enhancements in response to your feedback:

  • We've introduced list view, filtering, and sorting options for media.
  • Our Video Editor has been upgraded with an easy-to-use trimming feature and cloud-based rendering capabilities.
  • Folders have been added for better organization.
  • We've enhanced the search functionality and optimized loading times.

Participant list privacy options

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 7.14.59 PM

The Sequel platform now offers a dynamic feature for managing webinar participant visibility. We've introduced a new option where the participant list can be visible exclusively to hosts, to both hosts and presenters, or to all attendees. This setting is easily adjustable in the customization section.

Tips and Tricks

Combining Marketo forms and Sequel components

A popular setup for webinar registration is a landing page that contains a registration form and a brief session description. But how can you combine the form with Sequel on the same page?

This guide explains how to seamlessly integrate a Marketo registration form with Sequel on a single landing page. The setup ensures that new visitors see the registration form, while returning visitors who are already registered are directly shown the Sequel component. This integration is efficient for both live and on-demand webinar sessions.

Read more, here.

Got Feedback? šŸ™‹

Whether it's about the Media Hub, Simulive, or anything else, we'd love to hear from you! Your feedback is invaluable in creating a better experience for you and all our customers.

Simply reply or click here to book a time with us. Thank you!

Upcoming features


Lead Scores & Benchmarking


MQLs should not be solely defined by attendance. To address this, we are introducing a lead scoring system that takes into account both attendance and engagement. This will enable you to confidently build pipelines with quality leads that you can stand behind! Additionally, we will provide benchmarks to help you assess your event performance in terms of registrations, conversions, and overall engagement.

Sequel AI Prompts


We will enhance Sequel AI by allowing users to provide prompts for generating personalized responses and improved content. Moreover, we will integrate a rich-text editor, enabling you to create "social-ready" content without any external tools!

Checkbox Field for Registration Forms


Another exciting feature we will be delivering in Q4 is the addition of a checkbox field to the registration form. Whether you need to collect GDPR consent during registration or simply want to provide users with the option to select multiple choices, we have got you covered!

See you with more updates next time! šŸ‘‹

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