Elevate Your Webinar Strategy and Data Operations with Sequel.io

In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, Data Operations (Data Ops) professionals are always on the lookout for strategies that not only streamline operational workflows but also amplify lead generation and engagement. One strategy that stands out in this digital era is hosting webinars directly on your own website, a technique that has been greatly optimized through the use of Sequel.io.

Centralized, Streamlined, and Integrated: The Sequel.io Advantage

The traditional approach to webinars often involves a disjointed mix of tools and platforms. The journey often starts with creating a landing page on your website to embed the registration form. This page typically includes the event name, date, description and presenter information. Once the CMS entry is created, the team embeds the form code on your website and starts gathering registrations. All traffic is then directed away from the brand's site to an external webinar platform, such as Zoom, where attendees join the event. The hope is that CTAs will effectively guide participants back to the brand's site post-event.

The process continues with the creation of another landing page on the brand's website for hosting the on-demand webinar video, incorporating event details and a discussion summary in the CMS entry. This involves obtaining the recording from the external platform, uploading it to a video hosting service like Wistia, and embedding the video player code on the site to attract additional views. Often the video is un-gated, losing a lot of intent data.

After a webinar concludes, Data Ops professionals face significant hurdles in tracking ROI and consolidating analytics from disparate platforms into a CRM system. This segmented strategy not only detracts from the user experience but also diminishes the brand's influence by scattering the audience over various platforms, resulting in the loss of valuable lead engagement data.

Sounds similar to your process? You are not alone, most organizations use this flow for webinars. Sequel.io revolutionizes this process by enabling the entire webinar workflow - from registration, live interaction, to on-demand access - to be hosted directly on your website with a SINGLE embed code and CMS entry. This centralization ensures a consistent and immersive brand experience, keeping your audience engaged on your own digital turf and data flowing from a single system to your CRM.

A Unified Tool for Webinars

The current market norm involves a fragmented, multi-tool approach to webinar hosting across multiple departments. It is not uncommon for a company to have a tech stack of 10-15 tools that are intended for individual departments within an org, though explaining the ROI of each has become a rarity.

We are venturing into a year of lean yet impactful teams and budget, and Sequel.io will reduce dollars being funneled into your tech stack and increase dollars being funneled into your pipeline. Sequel.io can power anything from the weekly cadence webinar to the annual 2-day summit, proven by our customer Carta, and all can be done with 1-click. Our Wordpress plug-in allows Sequel.io customers to integrate their Sequel.io webinars and events into their Wordpress CMS in, yes, 1-click. Goodbye to the days required to copy and paste embed codes and webinar titles from one tool to the next, and say hello to an automation that ceased to exist until today.

Unprecedented Conversion Rates with Sequel.io

A notable feature of Sequel.io is its remarkable ability to drive conversions. Statistics show that Sequel.io averages an impressive 50% conversion rate from registered participants to live attendees. This is a significant figure in the webinar space, where capturing and maintaining audience attention is a critical challenge. Furthermore, the ease of transitioning to on-demand content with Sequel.io further boosts engagement. With the replay feature being enabled immediately after the event, Sequel.io achieves a combined live and on-demand conversion rate averaging around 65%. This high level of engagement speaks volumes about the effectiveness of hosting webinars directly on your site, particularly when using a platform as efficient as Sequel.io.

Advanced Lead Tracking and CRM Integration

One of the biggest challenges in the traditional webinar process is effective lead tracking, especially post-live event and for on-demand content. While it's feasible to track the transition from registration to live attendance, following up on further engagement often becomes cumbersome, particularly due to the reliance on multiple tools, each requiring individual integration with your CRM system. Sequel.io simplifies this complexity by offering a seamless flow where leads are automatically updated through each stage - registered, attended, no-show, and watched on-demand. Such comprehensive integration ensures that data flows effortlessly into your CRM, providing your sales team with real-time insights and significantly improving the efficiency of lead management.


For Data Ops marketers looking to optimize their webinar strategies, Sequel.io offers a transformative solution. By centralizing the webinar experience on your website, simplifying the entire process through seamless integration, achieving remarkable conversion rates, and enhancing lead tracking and CRM integration, Sequel.io not only elevates the efficiency of your marketing efforts but also significantly improves audience engagement and lead quality. In today's digital marketing landscape, where efficiency and user experience are key, adopting Sequel.io's integrated approach to webinars could be a pivotal move in your marketing strategy, setting a new standard in webinar engagement and conversion.


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