New Year and a Ton of New Features!

Event Preview

Our new Event Preview makes it easy to ensure that your event runs smoothly before going live. Not only can you quickly preview an event, but you can also easily share it with other participants to gain a better understanding of the end-to-end user experience.

Simply click on the 👁 eye icon and you'll be redirected to our brand-new preview site. Enjoy!

Event Reminders

Reminder Emails help ensure that users never forget about your event!

With a flip of a switch, you can effortlessly send reminders to your audience 24 hrs and 1 hr ahead of your event.  

Closed Captions

We are very excited to now offer Closed Captions as an integral part of our services! This is available to all retail customers to make events as inclusive and accessible as possible!


Event marketing is hard work - we know! 🥵🥵🥵

To take some burden off your shoulders, get ready for some AI magic next month! We'll be automatically generating transcripts, blogs, and social posts for your events.

These materials will make it so much easier for you to connect with your audience and allow you to stay focused on delivering best-in-class virtual events!

Well, that's a wrap for January. We hope you can take advantage of these new features and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Ciao 👋

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