9 ON24 Competitors Dominating Webinars in 2023

ON24 competitors and alternatives

Webinars have become an essential tool for modern businesses. As a result, numerous webinar platforms are vying to dominate the market. Even though ON24 is a known player in the space, many marketers are rethinking the use of the tool as competitors are coming out with more robust webinar solutions. In this article, we’ll dissect ON24’s strengths and weaknesses before sharing powerful alternatives challenging its place as one of the well-known event brands.

Overview of ON24

Emerging as one of the leading players in event experiences, ON24 has positioned itself as a platform specializing in providing data-driven live engagement that attracts wide audiences.

Setting out to redefine how organizations engage with their audiences, ON24 was founded in 1998 initially as a financial news broadcaster. They pivoted to providing webinar software solutions in 2002 after the changing business dynamics from the dot-com crash. As a result, ON24 rose steadily to become one of the recognized platforms trusted by companies across various sectors.

ON24's primary draw is the extensive customer interaction it enables during webinars. With tools such as polls, surveys, and Q&As heightening audience engagement; striving to create immersive experiences comes naturally for ON24.

The platform also embraces usability—being browser-based renders downloads or pre-installation redundant.

Thoughtful designs aside, however, no solution is perfect - not even ON24. This leads us to an exploration of the frequent difficulties users face while operating this specific platform – stay tuned!

ON24's Features and Benefits

When discussing ON24, it’s important to delve into its distinctive features and the benefits they offer. Recognized for its simple design, the ON24 platform makes webinars engaging with interactive sessions that engage audiences.

A standout aspect of ON24 is its highly interactive event hosting that supports mixed media presentations. This includes high-quality video linked with engagement tools like polls, live Q&A, and social sharing. The aim? To foster an engaging participant experience.

Another significant feature lies within its data analysis capabilities relating to audience behavior insights. Every engagement is tracked by the analytics engine within the platform. Therefore, hosts gain beneficial knowledge about their audience’s interests and response patterns. It’s even an efficient tool for refining future marketing strategies.

ON24 also seamlessly integrates with CRM systems such as Salesforce. This enables businesses to support sales & marketing initiatives via simple lead management processes; ultimately optimizing your entire ROI model.

Therefore, making use of ON24 capabilities not only changes how you deliver online events but also equips you with deeper insights into audience interaction levels. These insights drive strategic decision-making to grow your brand presence.

Common Problems with ON24

It's important to acknowledge that even software solutions as well-known as ON24 are not without their flaws. While the platform has its strengths, users have reported various setbacks with using ON24.  

  1. Overly complicated onboarding process: Many marketers have encountered difficulties with the onboarding process. This stems from ON24's complex interface which can be overwhelming. This translates between the onboarding process for attendees and the webinar hosts.
  2. Too pricy: The second grievance from users is related to ON24 pricing. While commendable for its breadth of functions, many non-enterprise companies find it difficult to justify the cost of deployment alongside actual usage – especially when compared to alternative webinar solutions out there. As it’s no longer leading webinar innovation, it’s hard for businesses to see a balance between cost and value.
  3. Unsupported integrations & technology: Further examination also reveals issues related to technology compatibility. While troubleshooting, some users report that ON24 benefits diminish if used with “unsupported” browsers or devices.
  4. Live webinar latency: From user feedback emerges another peculiar challenge — latency in live webinars. Such delays can significantly impair the overall interactive experience, making it an area where immediate attention is warranted. When you are hosting a webinar, this is an issue that can put a large amount of strain on the attendee experience.

Despite having many features, such issues highlight how a seemingly powerful tool like ON24 has its limitations; considerations that potential customers must consider before deciding to use the tool. 

In light of these challenges, identifying reliable ON24 alternatives becomes critical for businesses seeking smoother operations. There indeed appears a growing need to identify competitors who can offer better value without compromising on critical functionalities.

Top 9 ON24 Competitors

2023 has seen an influx of new players in the webinar arena, significantly closing the gap between them and ON24. As ON24 competitors, these platforms have exhibited impressive capabilities and distinctive features that are quickly making them preferred alternatives to ON24.


Sequel.io webinar solution

First on our list is Sequel.io. This powerful web platform lands among the top ON24 competitors due to its live webinar experience hosted directly on your website. This robust feature is the only webinar solution that allows you to embed your webinar on any webpage you want. The benefits here are making sure that every attendee is engrossed in your brand experience, is in front of high-intent CTAs, and provides the host with a more in-depth view of the customer journey.

As one of the younger webinar solutions in the market, Sequel.io is impressively driving innovation and forcing its competitors to “keep up”. The launch of their AI content repurposing tool, Sequel AI, is another example of how they are changing the way marketers view webinars. 


Livestorm logo

Livestorm is another ON24 alternative that marketers look to when trying to break away from the challenges that come with ON4. Their multi-language support coupled with a fully browser-based solution solidifies their spot against "ON24 vs" contenders in terms of ease of use. Livestorm's pricing structure is also notable compared to the often-criticized ON24 webinar pricing as it offers better options for some organizations.

Zoom Events and Webinars

Zoom webinar vs ON24

The remarkable rise of Zoom during remote work times have effectively brought "ON24 vs Zoom" discussions under review. Harnessing capacity levels from small groups to thousands while maintaining high-definition streaming positions, Zoom webinars is a recognized choice among those needing vast scalability. It also shadows the ON24 platform limitations regarding mass hosting abilities. However, it’s important to understand the differences between Zoom Meetings & Zoom Webinars when considering the switch, as many people confuse the two. 


cvent vs ON24

Cvent counts itself among distinct ON24 competitors since it breaks away from just being a webinar tool. It's mainly an event management software including virtual meetings solutions—making 'ON24 vs Cvent' arguments reasonably apparent. Among its winning points are built-in event registration features combined with vital data management possibilities perfect for comprehensive post-event analysis reports.


Hopin vs ON24

Positioned as an “all-one-virtual events platform”, Hopin takes user interaction seriously amid Hopin vs ON24 evaluations. This has become a strong selling point, mimicking physical social interactions through sessions called Networking and Roundtables. 


GoToWebinar vs ON24

As another heavyweight entry, GoToWebinar secures placement among swiftly thriving ON24 alternatives due to easy-to-use interfaces even for novices—in sharp contrast with several complaints concerning ON24's somewhat non-intuitive layout.

Webex Events

Webex vs ON24

Known more commonly as Cisco's answer in the On24 alternatives debate gripping this industry, Webex events parlay deep-rooted credibility merged with flexible use across multiple home devices. This element is an aspect less explored within traditional ON24 task spaces.


BigMarker vs ON24

BigMarker earns recognition against other ON24 competitors owing primarily to its no-download-needed mode of operation approach against others requiring installation or plugin extras including ON24. Like some of the other webinar solutions int the market, they seek to achieve optimal performance from a usability standpoint. This also prevents friction when people tune into the webinar itself.


Bizzabo vs ON24

Against regular ON24 go-live webinar options, limited around prior-scheduled programming, Bizzabo leads on another front. The ability to seamlessly switch between vodcast or live instances has their customers hooked as they can connect their in-person events with their virtual event.

The Leading ON24 Alternative

After comparing the alternatives to ON24, one stood out from the rest as it has become an innovative north star that many webinar solutions now look to. With webinar analytics, video quality, and engagement features being a non-negotiable must-have, Sequel.io leads with the ability to embed webinars on your website and repurpose your evergreen content with Sequel AI. This conclusion is also drawn based on several critical factors in webinar hosting and handling including user-friendliness, robust functionalities, pricing structure, and customer support.

As digital marketing tactics continue to gain importance, marketers are steering towards platforms that offer seamless experiences. In this realm, Sequel.io has consistently surpassed expectations. It's not only highly intuitive but also emphasizes an interactive approach with its audience - a feature notably missing in ON24’s platform.

The extraordinary capabilities shown by Sequel.io extend through its embeddable webinar experience, allowing marketers to fully customize the attendee experience. It allows you to be 100% brand compliant, helps you collect more attendee engagement data from your website, and seamlessly puts your audience in front of high-intent CTAs.

It’s also important to recognize how Sequel.io is supporting every element of the live webinar experience and enables you to repurpose that content into SEO blog articles, social media posts, and more. Sequel AI is definitely leading the charge of webinar content in the realm of AI.

Sequel AI - webinar repurposing

It's worth noting that the 'ON24 vs Zoom' or even 'ON24 vs Cvent' comparisons become somewhat redundant when you consider Sequel.io’s superior cost-efficiency value proposition. Concerns echoed around ON24 webinar pricing find respite with Sequel.io offering reasonable costs without compromising quality or features.

Another striking advantage tipping the scale towards Sequel.io vs ON24 is their exceptional customer service. While negative feedback occasionally clouds ON24's customer support reputation; positive feedback for Sequel.io paints a more promising picture of readily available assistance coupled with extensive online resources.

In essence, whether you're contemplating over livestorm or Zoom Webinars vs ON24; instead venture into exploring how seamlessly webinar solutions can be managed with an exemplary ON24 alternative: Sequel.io.

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