November Product Update

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Here's your monthly roundup of the latest product updates, announcements, and upcoming features.

Media Hub is now live! 🚀


We are thrilled to introduce Sequel's Media Hub, marking its official launch! This isn't your typical media library; we designed the Media Hub to simplify content management and greatly reduce the time required to repurpose webinar content. With enhanced live and on-demand workflows, seamless editing of event recordings, and AI-generated blogs and social posts, there is so much to adore! 💜

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Schedule any uploaded video on Sequel to go live at a specific time and we'll handle the rest!

  • No more pre-live jitters! Pre-record your event and it will play seamlessly without any host
  • Managing everything simultaneously can be challenging. By using pre-recorded content, you can let the presentation play while you concentrate on interacting with the chat and engaging your audience.
  • Expand your reach! If you have a global audience, providing an exceptional experience across different time zones can be difficult. With Simulive, you can share the recorded event with other time zones while still delivering the same captivating "live-like" experience.

Upcoming features


Lead Scores & Benchmarking

Lead Scores-1

MQLs should not be solely defined by attendance. To address this, we are introducing a lead scoring system that takes into account both attendance and engagement. This will enable you to confidently build pipelines with quality leads that you can stand behind! Additionally, we will provide benchmarks to help you assess your event performance in terms of registrations, conversions, and overall engagement.

Sequel AI Prompts

AI Prompts-1

We will enhance Sequel AI by allowing users to provide prompts for generating personalized responses and improved content. Moreover, we will integrate a rich-text editor, enabling you to create "social-ready" content without external tools!

Checkbox Field for Registration Forms


Another exciting feature we will be delivering in Q4 is the addition of a checkbox field to the registration form. Whether you need to collect GDPR consent during registration or simply want to provide users with the option to select multiple choices, we have got you covered!

See you with more updates next time! 👋

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