As in-person gatherings resumed in the early 2022, 92% companies continued hosting virtual events. There is no doubt that virtual is here to stay.

Virtual events are becoming more sophisticated as event organizers respond to the growing demand for more smaller-scale gatherings throughout the year as an alternative to large annual multi-day conferences. Series of niche community-oriented gatherings are winning the audiences where large conferences lack a personal touch.

Join us for a conversation around the trends in virtual events, intercontinental community building, and ways to genuinely engage a virtual audience. Explore Sequel first-hand and network with like-minded people. Plus, get a chance to win a ticket to SaaStr.


Building smaller communities for better engagement
Industry shift towards multiple smaller-scale events throughout the year
Best practices for growing an engaged community through live video
How to use data effectively to turn attendees into customers and increase ROI
Experience and make the most of Sequel's technology

Hosts & Speakers

Oana Manolache
CEO & Founder at Sequel
Connor Kirsch
Principal Product Manager
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