Gage Verronneau

Gage Verronneau

Gage Verronneau

Customer Success Manager


We are excited to help you get started with Sequel.io!

This comprehensive training will be led by our Customer Success Manager, Gage Verronneau.

Topics Covered:

  • Adding Team Members: collaborate with your full team
  • Branding & Customization: help your brand shine through Sequel.io and customize email messaging and frequency
  • Creating Events: master the core flow of Sequel.io so you can start going live and collecting leads
  • Registration Types: discover Sequel.io's robust registration options or use your CRM to handle it
  • Embedding on your Website: this is where the magic happens

Additional Resources:

For further assistance, we have a plethora of resources available at help.sequel.io. You can also access past on-demand replays of Sequel.io workshops and trainings for more in-depth knowledge.

Join us for this informative session and enhance your event management skills with Sequel.io!