Email management: Create branded emails that boost your webinar attendance

We're excited to announce the launch of our Email Management feature! This new feature will allow you to personalize and send tailored emails that align perfectly with your organization's brand guidelines. It's a more cost-effective solution that you can use to ensure consistent and timely communication – effectively boosting your webinar attendance and viewership. What's not to love?

The Importance of Emails in Customer Experience

Emails play a crucial role in enhancing your customers' experience by facilitating various interactions, including registration confirmations, presenter invitations, session reminders, and follow-up communications.  As part of our new solution, we will be expanding our templates to cover pre-event, live, and post-event communication, enabling you to deliver a seamless experience across the entire event lifecycle.'s email dashboard

Aligning Tone & Brand

Maintaining a consistent brand identity across all touch points is crucial for any organization. Direct communication channels, such as emails, must align with your brand to ensure a cohesive message. Because of this, we offer a high degree of customization including the ability to:

  • Choose a recognizable "from" name
  • Specify a "reply-to" email address
  • Craft eye-catching subject lines and pre-headers
  • Update body text
  • Inject custom variables

In addition, you can now enable or disable entire sections of the email template, such as adding a calendar invite or displaying join codes.'s email editor

And for those looking for even more control over customization, we will soon be adding the option to upload HTML emails.  This feature opens up a world of possibilities for branding, layout, and custom variables. The sky's the limit!

If you're new to Sequel, you can also try it for free. We hope your events are a wild success, and we welcome any feedback you may have!

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