sequel x Splash

You can now turn any Splash event into an engaging and high-quality virtual, networking or hybrid event IN MINUTES. Splash and sequel offer you the tools and creativity to create a fully-branded live virtual experience for you and your audience. Splash allows you to create a custom Virtual Event Touchpoint in which you can easily embed sequel's live stages all while maintaining high quality video and keeping your audience within your own branded experience.

With beautiful templates, customization options and robust event management tools such as, ticketing and registration, automated emails, event privacy and protection, event role management and more, Splash provides the optimal solution for you and your team to easily create, manage and scale your branded events to a global audience. Add sequel's powerful live event technology to that and you are bound to leave a lasting impression on all your attendees, stakeholders, and sponsors.

Introvoke Live Event Components

Sequel is the world's only embeddable solution that provides organizations of all sizes with powerful pre-built live event components, such as hybrid and virtual stages, chat and networking hubs, that can be embedded anywhere to create any virtual and hybrid experience - from custom conferences, series of events, career fairs to virtual offices and town halls. Sequel supports up to 2 million concurrent viewers, crystal clear 4K video quality and has a vast suite of engagement features, making it a perfect solution for live events of all magnitudes. Sequel powers customers like Comcast, Wharton, Barclays and more.

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