Top 10 Webinar Solutions for Demand Generation

Meeting face-to-face is challenging, especially if you have an entire list of people to invite. With webinars, you share experiences at scale, engage in seminars, connect directly with existing and new customers and generate demand for your business – no travel or hotel stay required.

When used right, a webinar platform is the must-have secret weapon in your tech stack in 2023. For B2B marketing, 73% of attendees turn into qualified leads.

That’s the power of webinars! But here we are – it’s a vast industry with countless webinar solutions for demand generation and new solutions are coming to the market every day.

We’ve pulled together ten different webinar hosting solutions that fill different needs for demand generation so you don’t need to get lost in the sea of webinar platforms out there.

Top 10 webinar solutions for demand generation

1. – The Best for Embedding Webinars on your Website

Some webinar solutions are bloated with features you don’t need to host webinars. This isn’t true for, as it simplifies embedding webinars directly onto the website. This is a game-changing feature because it skyrockets website traffic, drastically improving domain authority and boosting conversion rates. - the best for embedding webinars on your website makes multi-channel distribution easier, allowing sharing on social channels, and instantly hosting a replay of your webinar session with no additional work from you or your team.

With, you can focus on the content and presentation because your prospects are already on your website, close to your calls to action, and providing you with intent behavior that lets you hone in on the most engaged leads. By easily embedding on your website and seamlessly integrating with your CRM, takes care of driving demand, increasing ROI, and growing leads.

Sequel is a top webinar solution for demand generation and checks all the right boxes for businesses looking to drive high-value actions, such as subscriptions, sign-ups, and purchases – all on your own website.

Ideal for: Companies of all sizes

Pricing: The starter pack starts at $1500 per year, and the growth pack starts at $8,500 per year.

Why use Sequel? The average webinar generates between 500-1,000 leads, Sequel can help you convert more leads by keeping your traffic on your domain, close to your calls to action.

2. Livestorm – Great Attendee Experience

For anyone trying webinars for the first time, Livestorm is an ideal option because it offers five different webinar types. Livestorm supports virtual meetings, webinars, virtual events, on-demand webinars and automated webinars.

The platform sports an intuitive user interface (UI) which makes setting up your webinar very easy. From providing options, like custom branding and email cadences, to optimizing your goals and broadcasting webinars to thousands of leads, Livestorm is a one-stop destination for conducting a successful webinar.

Livestorm webinar platform

Ideal for: Software and tech companies

Pricing: Offers a free plan, and their pro-plan starts at $88 per month when billed annually.

Why use Livestorm? 2-5% of webinar attendees make a purchase right after the webinar. Livestorm touts tenfold engagement from attendees on their platform.

3. Demio – Great Webinar Solution for Sales

Another top-performing and widely used webinar solution for demand generation is Demio. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform maintained its core elements and kept up with the customers’ growing needs.

Demio webinar platform

Demio provides you with both live and automated webinars. What’s interesting is that it offers a hybrid mix of live recordings and pre-recorded videos. The solution requires no download, allowing your attendees to access a beautiful platform that reflects your branding. Using a single click, they can join from any browser.

It allows you to run interactive polls, embeds launch offers in your video, and provides an option for live Q&A.

Ideal for: Marketing teams looking for a dedicated webinar solution.

Pricing: The starter pack starts at $49 per month, and their growth plan starts at $99 per month.

Why use Demio? 92% of webinar attendees require a live Q&A session. Demio offers this function along with a "join the stage" option to further engage attendees.

4. EverWebinar – The Best for Beginners

EverWebinar offers automated and live webinar solutions. Interestingly, it’s one company that successfully integrated webinar technology with marketing technology.

For those who want to launch their webinar painlessly, EverWebinar might be a good option.

Everwebinar digital event platform

Another impressive feature is its ability to host live streams on both YouTube and Facebook, giving you the uncapped ability to reach your audience. EverWebinar offers just-in-time webinar sessions, which gives attendees the impression that they’ve arrived at the right time.

Ideal for: Companies of all sizes.

Pricing: It offers a yearly plan at $499 per year.

Why use EverWebinar? 69% of marketers scaled up their market using webinars. Everwebinar's multi-platform streaming option lets you reach your audience wherever they choose to be.

5. WebinarGeek – Intuitive Webinar Solution

This completely browser-based webinar solution allows more than 4,000 live viewers at a time while offering powerful interactions and marketing tools.

webinar geek - intuitive webinar platform

Using polls, quizzes, live chats, and call-to-actions engage with your audience in a fun way. WebinarGeek provides you with statistics that have minute details about how attendees interacted during a webinar. 

WebinarGeek empowers you to upload pre-recorded videos and merge them with live videos to create in-trend hybrid ones.

Reinforce your message by sharing a presentation or screen during a webinar.

Ideal for: Freelancers and small and mid-sized businesses.

Pricing: Their paid subscription depends upon the number of viewers and the type of plan you select.

Why use WebinarGeek? On-demand viewing is the most sought-after feature of a webinar platform. WebinarGeek's functions support both live and on-demand functions.

6. WebinarNinja – All-In-One Solution

WebinarNinja lets you create four types of webinars, namely automated, live, hybrid, and series, in under a minute. A low-stress solution, WebinarNinja lets you integrate all of your different streaming tools to manage in one place.

One aspect where WebinarNinja outclasses others is that it helps you convert attendees into customers. However, they do charge by attendee level, limiting your ability to reach large audiences.

WebinarNinja all-in-one webinar platform

Unlike other webinar solutions that skim through your webinar’s landing pages, WebinarNinja provides you with many beautiful landing pages. 

Ideal for: Businesses and marketers looking for a reliable yet modern webinar solution.

Pricing: Their basic plan of 50 attendees starts at $29 per month, whereas the pro-plan starts at $99 per month for 100 attendees.

Why use WebinarNinja? 74% of hosts use a designated webinar software instead of YouTube or Vimeo. WebinarNinja helps you connect those tools.

7. Vast Conference – The Budget-Friendly Webinar Platform

Businesses whose finances are limited prefer Vast Conference, which helps them demo a product or interview a thought leader to generate leads.

Vast Conference - budget-friendly webinar platform

The solution doesn’t boast any fancy features, instead provides intuitive, user-friendly, and straightforward features.

From increasing audience engagement to providing on-demand access, the solution offers numerous tangible benefits to its users.

Ideal for: Start-ups and small businesses

Pricing: Offers a free trial, and their paid plan is $11.99 per month per user.

Why use Vast Conference? 48% of B2B buyers consider webinars as a valuable form of content for their decision-making. Vast Conference brings a budget-friendly solution to your tech stack.

8. BigMarker – Webinar Solution for Virtual Events

Companies that want to host webinars with 500, 1000, and even 10,000 attendees prefer BigMarker. Whether hosting a two-hour webinar session or organizing a 2-3 day-long marketing conference, BigMarker is your best bet.

BigMarker - webinar platform for virtual and hybrid events

You can customize the entire interface with your brand color and logos using the higher-tier plans.

The webinar solution increases audience engagement and ensures demand generation. What’s more interesting is that the tool accounts for your audience irrespective of whether they’re onsite, at home, or both.

Ideal for: Mid and large-sized businesses

Pricing: You need to request a quote from the company

Why use BigMarker? 54% of B2B buyers watch webinars every week. BigMarker elevates your attendee’s experience using a single data-driven platform.

GoTo Webinar – Webinar Tool for Infrequent Webinars

Why pay for a monthly or yearly membership if you don’t host webinars now and then? GoTo Webinar’s flex plan allows you to pay only for webinars that you host. 

GoTo Webinar - one-off webinar solution

This webinar tool boasts numerous interactive features, robust integrations, and insightful analytics essential for hosting a perfect webinar. 

GoTo Webinar provides an easy-to-use platform, whether you’re a pro in the webinar game or hosting your first webinar. 

What distinguishes this tool from others is that it provides a drawing tool allowing you to draw right on your screen. From tracking engagement and ensuring demand generation to sending automatic invites and discovering channels that drove the sign-up, GoTo Webinar gives you everything under one roof.

Ideal for: Freelancers and companies of all sizes.

Pricing: Their lite plan starts at $49, and the pro plan starts at $199 per month.

Why use GoTo Webinar? 75% of marketers prefer hosting live webinars because of the immediate engagement. GoTo Webinar is a tried-and-true platform that many users are familiar with.

WebinarJam – The Best No-Frills Webinar Platform

Last on our list is WebinarJam, developed by the same team as EverWebinar. But this one emphasizes more on screening live webinars. It’s a no-frills webinar platform and doesn’t provide features such as automation and scheduling.

WebinarJam - no-frills webinar platform

Interestingly, the solution syncs with EverWebinar, catering to all your webinar requirements.

As branding is crucial when hosting webinars, WebinarJam allows you to customize CTA buttons, emails, and even registration forms. It even records the live chat section, giving your recorded webinars a live feel.

Ideal for: Marketers who prefer using traditional webinar solutions.

Pricing: Their starter plan starts at $39 per month, and the basic plan at $79 per month when billed annually.

Why use WebinarJam? 54% of marketers choose two hosts for the webinar. WebinarJam brings your speakers to large audiences with no nonsense.

Choosing the best webinar solution for demand generation

The market for webinar platforms is always changing, and so are your needs. While we’ve listed the top 10 webinar solutions, there are, no doubt, many options to host your company's webinars. Before making your decision, we encourage you to take your top choices for a test drive.

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