Gage Verronneau

Andrei Ermilov

Chief Technology Officer

Gage Verronneau

Gage Verronneau

Customer Success Manager


The latest addition to Sequel's digital toolbox is the game-changing ‘one click’ feature. In this workshop, Sequel.io’s Chief Technology Officer, Andrei Ermilov, sheds light on this revolutionary deployment element.

This innovation streamlines the process of integrating Sequel elements into a website, reducing mistakes and enhancing workflow productivity.This feature originated from the company’s desire to further streamline their clients' marketing and sales process. Sequel aims to enable companies to easily embed their solution onto their website, controlling everything from registration to on-demand and evergreen content. Everything is effortlessly integrated, ensuring the client’s brand stays front and center.The ‘one click feature’ especially shines in the realm of event management. When an event is created on Sequel, with ‘one click’, it appears on your website, keeping the information up-to-date for end users.

Every aspect of the event, right from the URL to the registration code is correct and automatically populated, ensuring a seamless experience for both the hosting party and the participants. In this workshop, Andrei demonstrates how to set up this feature using Webflow, a popular website builder, but the ‘one click feature’ is compatible with any website builder or content management system. The ‘one click feature’ culminates the design efforts behind Sequel's ongoing mission to seamlessly integrate marketing, sales, and event registration tools on their client’s websites. By reducing human error, it allows for more efficient event scheduling. In the near future, Sequel plans to further streamline the post-event process. Once a Sequel event culminates, clients will be able to automatically classify the event as 'on-demand', directly on their website, making updates more efficient. Sequel’s ‘one click feature’ promises to revolutionize event management and content integration, and is set to become an essential tool in the modern website management kit.