Gage Verronneau

Allie Smith

Content Marketing Lead

Gage Verronneau

Gage Verronneau

Customer Success Manager


Step into the electrifying world of content-led growth, guided by the content guru herself, Allie Smith from Sequel.io! 

In this workshop Allie Smith defines content-led growth as the shift towards putting more resources into a company's content strategy and uniting the team behind it. She emphasized the importance of understanding your audience and connecting content back to your revenue goals.

Focusing on how content marketing can drive business impact, Smith discussed how consolidating marketing efforts behind content creation and delivery can result in high-quality content that resonates with customers. She mentioned the importance of constantly focusing on customer needs and providing value at every stage. The discussion highlighted that distribution is as critical as creating good content. Knowing where your customers are and what they want to engage with is vital to an effective distribution strategy. 

Examples of rockstars in the category included Refined Labs, Lasso, UserPilot, and DreamData. She explained how these companies are creating content that provides value and is highly actionable. Follow some of these folks on LinkedIn! Jess Cook, Chris Walker, Emilia Korczynska

This workshop offers valuable insights into the increasingly important practice of content-led growth, underlying the power of combining a strong content strategy with a good understanding of customer needs and effective distribution.

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