How to use Webflow to create a multi-stage event on your website

Marketers who are planning on supporting multiple sessions during their event need to design their event pages so that its clear for attendees what sessions are happening when. So is there a way to set something like this up with as little web development as possible?

First, we'll want to create our events in As an example, if you have 8 sessions happening on day 1, you'll want to create 8 different events in your Dashboard. For this next part, we're going to use the Evently template inside of Webflow to quickly set up a multi-session event. Once you have created your event from the template, it's time to start editing. First, navigate to the menu on the left and select CMS. Then, click the settings wheel next to Events. Under collection settings, click Add new field and select "RichText". You can name this field anything you want, but we recommend naming it "Sequel Embed Code".

Next, on the left side menu click Pages, then Events template. On this page, add a RichText block where you'd like your Virtual Stage to appear. We recommend right under the header but before the event info. Then, select "Get text from" and select "Sequel Embed Code". Now from the left side menu, click CMS and then Events. Here you can find a list of pre-populated events that you can start to update with your own real event details. For now, let's click on the first. Scroll down and click on the "Sequel embed code" section, then click the two brackets. Here is where you'll paste the embed code for this specific event.

Now you're ready to start updating events with your own details and design the pages to make the site branded as your own.

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