Morrow achieves a 72% webinar attendance rate using

Knowing the value of high-production events, Steve Hayton from Morrow, knew that they needed to make a switch from using Zoom to

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Introducing Morrow— an exclusive community of forward-thinking organizations committed to driving positive change through entrepreneurial initiatives. By connecting like-minded innovators and leveraging collective knowledge and resources, Morrow fosters collaboration and accelerates the growth of startups worldwide. The global network aims to elevate innovation organizations as a distinct class of businesses that invest in people and their entrepreneurial ventures.

Morrow provides its community access to next-level resources, content, and workshops that help businesses accelerate their growth. Steve Hayton, Content Strategist at Morrow, has ensured that the production of all their content and webinars is nothing short of extraordinary to provide as much value as possible to their audience. However, it was a journey to get to this ultimate production experience.

Morrow's webinar experience embedded into their website

Re-evaluating the webinar production experience

In the beginning, Zoom was the solution Morrow used to host webinars. With a background in video editing and production, Steve understood the importance of a visually captivating environment that elevates the content and engages the audience. Zoom, unfortunately, fell short of providing the desired production value making webinars feel lackluster. 

Distractions like barking dogs and participants with cameras turned off dampened the overall experience. The once-revolutionary tool for connecting and communicating started to feel limited. The lack of innovation became frustrating for Steve and the Morrow team.

Implementing a fresh approach with

Determined to create a more polished and engaging environment, they looked to after many people in their network recommended the solution.

They made the decision to switch to knowing that effective content creation needed to encompass the ability to effectively communicate expertise, foster engagement, and provide genuine value to the audience. While Zoom was the familiar option, they found that offered a range of benefits that significantly enhanced the webinar experience.

Tailoring the webinar experience

Embedding directly into Morrow’s website was intriguing, as it offered a seamless way to drive traffic and increase conversions. Now, every community member engages with Morrow’s webinars & content within their brand experience.

Each member is naturally right in front of the most important CTAs and surrounded by the familiar look and feel of the Morrow brand – without having to go to a 3rd party platform. This has helped them achieve a 72% attendance rate that massively exceeds industry benchmarks of ~30%. has boosted Morrow's webinar production value

Removing distractions

Unlike their previous webinars on Zoom, Steve hosted their regular community calls in a space where distractions were minimized and participants could fully immerse themselves in the content. provided him with this pristine environment, allowing attendees to truly focus on the webinar experience and value.

The distraction-free environment eliminated all the common interruptions that arose during Zoom webinars. It became easier to set up events, record high-quality footage, and produce captivating content without the need for tedious video editing.

Measuring Success

Before using, Morrow had a hard time measuring the success of their live Zoom events. Now, they’ve integrated Hubspot with allowing them to collect more engagement data. This shift aligns with Morrow's plan to offer paid content, enabling them to evaluate the effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts at a granular level.

They have even received praise from many guest speakers for the stellar webinar productions they put on, including compliments directly from companies like HubSpot.

A Tool for Growth not only fulfilled Morrow’s requirements for a top-of-funnel content solution but also became instrumental in supporting their growth strategy. By providing valuable free seminars and engaging insights, the team can easily attract and nurture potential customers. Sequel's ease of use, enhanced production value, and ability to seamlessly interact with the community made it an invaluable tool in expanding their reach and increasing conversions. It’s even helped them increase the time people spend on their website to over 1,000 hours.

How saves Morrow time

Steve's decision to switch from Zoom to elevated Morrow’s webinar strategy, transforming the way he engaged with his audience and created valuable content. Sequel's high production value, customizable overlays, and streamlined brand experience alleviated the burdens the team previously faced. It enables Steve & his team to focus on what truly matters: delivering an immersive, educational, and enjoyable experience for participants. With as his trusted partner, he has successfully positioned the company for exponential content-led growth.

Curious how you replicated these amazing results for your virtual events?Try out for free or book a call with our team to define a strategy that will work uniquely for you.

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