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2.5K+ increase in monthly traffic
"Sequel stands out as the most advanced webinar tool I've come across, and I've tried quite a few, including Hopin, ON24, and Zoom. It's hands down the best."
Alex Mann
Head of Marketing & Growth
Drive website traffic
Why drive traffic to another platform when you can engage your entire audience right where it should be, on your own website - in front of all your content and CTAs.
See how Landed more than doubled their monthly traffic
77% increase in pipeline
"This easy-to-use experience, combined with hosting webinars on our own site for increased traffic and conversion was exactly what we were looking for as we launched our new growth strategies!‚ÄĚ
Nabiha Balala
Sr. Marketing Campaign Manager
Conversion to Revenue
Turn registrations into revenue by collecting comprehensive engagement data and identifying which accounts have the highest potential for conversion.
See how Salesloft increased their pipeline by 77%
1.1K hours of video repurposed
"95% of our valuable content went untouched due to time constraints. Sequel AI has been a game-changer, effectively acting as an additional staff member to handle this workload."
Steve Haton
Content Strategist
Repurpose Content at AI Speed
Effortlessly produce content at scale with Sequel AI. Automatically generate blog articles, social posts, transcripts, and video recordings after every event, elevating your SEO with tailored keywords and tone.
See how Morrow repurposed 1.1K hours of video
Cut your $tack
Reduce the cost and effort associated with a distributed tech stack. Integrate with your favorite tools & consolidate the ones adding complexity to your marketing processes.
Sequel replaces these tools:
Activate the entire customer journey directly on your website
Easy to create and customize, Sequel events can be embedded on any platform. No tech know-how is needed
Capture all attendee information with customizable registration forms and integrations with top CRM platforms. In addition, branded emails and custom cadences will ensure maximum attendance.
Delight your audience and drive ongoing engagement through moderated chat, polls, Q&A, networking, and accessibility features like closed captions.
Effortlessly transform live sessions into on-demand replays, gate them for lead capture, and utilize the Media Hub and Sequel AI to seamlessly convert your webinars into captivating evergreen content within seconds.
Harness behavioral data to convert high-intent leads and monitor their journey on your website. Seamlessly accomplish this on Sequel or integrate with your preferred CRM platform
Here's why companies switched to
  • 77%
    increase in pipeline
    hours spent on the website
    less manual work
    "After switching to, we've increased our on-demand views by 75% with the recording being available instantly. Previously, we had to wait 24 hours before we could even send out the recording to people."
    Nadine Regan
    Marketing Operations Manager
  • 85
    of attendees watch live
    hours spent on website
    <1 hour
    spent repurposing content
    "The great thing about is that the users are being exposed to your brand the entire time because they are going directly to your website. It generates leads, it generates engagement"
    Michael Cole
    SVP of Marketing
  • 3x
    more demo bookings
    registrants per webinar
    hours spent on the website
    "The number of demo booking requests went up 3x this year compared to our previous solution. And that was just in five months!"
    Lusine Sargsyan
    Demand Generation Manager
  • 500k+
    views on social
    raised for charity
    "Sequel's APIs gave us tremendous levels of flexibility and customizability over our integration, which is something we couldn't find in any other solution."
    Kevan Mann
    Head of Product
  • 2.5k+
    increase in monthly traffic
    1 month
    to convert to revenue
    attendance rate
    "We've had 88 hours worth of time spent on our site and over 90 unique people have watched our episodes in the last month. That's insane! I'm super proud of that."
    Alex Mann
    Head of Marketing & Growth
One Solution to Power Them All


Beautiful webinars with the highest audience engagement. Host demos, info sessions, or live panels to encourage your audience to take action on your own marketing website.


Host large-scale conferences and expos, complete with flexible networking, to elevate the attendee engagement. Easily create a unique experience that shows off your brand's identity.

Customer Engagement

Host onboarding sessions, sales kick-offs, networking sessions, and other live or on-demand engagement initiatives directly on your website.


Bring brand loyalists and other like-minded people together with exclusive content where they should be, on your own website. Turn your platform into a growing community hub.


Launch your new product line or announce exclusive drops, all while letting your attendees shop your store.

Virtual Platform

Use Sequel's robust APIs and highly scalable solution to easily build your own live engagement platform.
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